How Sumit Upadhayay Manage Both Ssc And Upsc?

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Can I prepare for SSC and UPSC together?

You can even consider SSC CGL as an option while preparing for UPSC CSE examination. In fact, it’s a good backup. SSC CGL is basically Staff Selection Commission common Graduate Level Examination.

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Who cracked UPSC with job?

Kiran P.B who recently cleared his UPSC exam and secured 100th rank is an IT professional who holds 10-years of work experience in an IT company in Kerala.

How can I clear my SSC exam?

Go through the Complete Syllabus. Attempt Previous Year Question Paper. Create a Study Plan. Opt for the Right Study Materials and Resources. Mock Test is the Key to Success. Analyze Your Performance Through Mock Tests. Work on Your Weak Areas. Learn to Cope with Stress.

How to prepare for CGL exam?

Go through the Syllabus Carefully. Prepare a Proper Study Plan. Collect Study Material. Solve Previous Year Question Papers & Mock Tests. Look For Online Help or Coaching. Know the Previous Years Cut Off. Knowing the SSC CGL Syllabus & Difficulty Level.

Is IAS and SSC syllabus same?

SSC is considered a subset of the syllabus of UPSC. Also, UPSC and SSC CGL preparation demands are different. UPSC requires in-depth knowledge of any topic and analytical skills as far as CSAT is concerned. SSC is a more real and time adhering exam.

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Is SSC and UPSC syllabus same?

Syllabus of UPSC is much wider than syllabus of SSC CGL.In UPSC you need to have deep knowledge of each topic but in SSC that much deep knowledge is not required as GS is only one part of Tier 1 but in UPSC complete syllabus is based on GS. If you are preparing for UPSC ,GS portion of SSC can easily be completed.

Who passed UPSC without coaching?

Sarjana Yadav left her job in 2018 to prepare better for the UPSC exam.

Who cleared UPSC after marriage?

Juggling A Job, a Toddler & Pregnancy, I Cracked UPSC CSE 3 Years After Marriage. Juggling her full-time job, a baby, and a pregnancy, Dr Bushara Bano cleared the UPSC CSE twice. She shares how she did it.

How many hours study for SSC?

To qualify the SSC exam with 30 days of preparation, a candidate must devote at least 16 hours a day studying and dedicate equal time for preparation of each and every topic. Given below are the 10 tips that may help candidates prepare for the SSC CGL exam in 30 days and qualify it in the same attempt.

Is SSC a permanent job?

The candidates recruited in the office of SSC get a permanent job. However, in other offices, the candidates may be hired on a contractual basis at first and later changed to a permanent basis.