How Much Hard Work For Upsc?

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How much hard work is needed for IAS?

The candidates must focus on the quality time they spend but not on the number of hours they sit for the studies. It has often been said that a consolidated study of 16-18 hours per day is imperative to crack IAS Examination.

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Is UPSC luck or hard work?

UPSC is a completely different world which one wishes to conquer. UPSC needs a lot of hard work, complete dedication for one to clear it. It needs one to put in his soul and body both towards it. One can only put in efforts.

Which part of UPSC is toughest?

As you would know, the UPSC Prelims is the first obstacle to your IAS dreams. This exam is taken by lakhs of Indians every year. A lot of people consider the IAS exam to be the toughest exam in India. As you can see from the table above, the success rate is the lowest for the IAS exam.

Is IAS a stressful job?

The IAS officers encounter the greatest anxiety and stress when they need to face a substantial number of vulnerabilities and constantly changing the workplace. Stress additionally goes up quickly if your capacity to control outside varieties is low.

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Is 4 hours enough for UPSC?

It is unclear whether an aspirant can pass the UPSC Civil Service Examination by studying for 4 hours every day and, looking at the rate that UPSC applicants study, 4 hours is not enough to pass the CSE promptly.

Can a weak student crack UPSC?

If your question is “Can an average student crack IAS?”, then the answer is YES! We present a few success stories of some aspirants who were “average” students and yet cleared the exam proving that you need not be a topper to crack the IAS Exam.

Is IAS a comfortable job?

With qualities like excellent communication skills, time management, analytical ability, focused and creative decision making, becoming an IAS officer will give you immense satisfaction of being able to contribute to society.

Do IAS officers have good life?

Life of an IAS officer Indian Administrative Service (IAS)officer is considered as one of the most reputable and desirable careers in India. This is because an IAS officer has the potential to bring about a positive change in the society and among communities and individuals.

Is UPSC tougher than MBA?

Which exam is tougher to crack – UPSC or CAT? Comparing the two examinations MBA vs UPSC, the former is tougher and is in fact the toughest of all such examinations. Why is UPSC considered to be so tough? This is because, first of all, the syllabus is massive.

What is the lowest score in UPSC?

There is no minimum mark in the UPSC interview. Mostly, the marks awarded for the interview ranges from 40% to 80%.