How Many Questions Come From Ancient History In Upsc Pre?

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How many questions come from Ancient History?

Ancient History contributes at least 4 – 5 questions in the UPSC Prelims. UPSC has been focussing on Art & Culture which is a part of Ancient History’s syllabus. Many aspirants ignore Ancient History and focus more on Modern History.

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Is Ancient History asked in UPSC mains?

In UPSC Mains, History is part of General Studies Paper I syllabus. However, there are no direct questions on Ancient History unless they can be linked to Art and Culture.

Does ancient and medieval History comes in UPSC Prelims?

Ancient and Medieval Indian History is covered in the UPSC Prelims history curriculum, with an emphasis on issues related to India’s cultural and socioeconomic past as one of the world’s oldest countries. According to the UPSC exam, Indian heritage, art and culture, architecture, and so on are very important.

Does Ancient History come in prelims?

Ancient History is an important part of the USPC civil services syllabus mainly the UPSC prelims exam. Every year at least 5 – 6 questions are asked from this section in the IAS prelims.

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What is the cutoff for Ancient History?

Ancient history is a time period from the beginning of writing and recorded human history to as far as late antiquity. The span of recorded history is roughly 5,000 years, beginning with the Sumerian cuneiform script. Ancient history covers all continents inhabited by humans in the period 3000 BCE – 500 CE.

Is Ancient History a hard subject?

The main difficulty with Ancient is the limited primary sources, which are easily manipulated and interpreted in numerous ways. If you study, pay attention and work hard, it’s the same difficulty as Modern. But if you lack motivation and rely heavily on your teacher, Ancient might not be for you.

Which part of history is most important for UPSC Prelims?

Ancient India. Medieval India. Modern India. Art and Culture.

Is Ncert enough for Ancient History?

Usually NCERT Books on History are enough to cover ancient Indian history.

Is Ancient History optional for UPSC?

No. In GS paper I of the UPSC Mains exam, Indian art and culture, ancient, medieval and modern history, freedom struggle and world history form a good chunk of the syllabus. So, studying history as an optional will help you cover a great deal in the GS papers.

Which notes is best for Ancient History for UPSC?

Stone Age. Paleolithic. Mesolithic. Neolithic. Chalcolithic. Indus Valley Civilisation. Discovery. Origin. Sites. Town Planning. Life in IVC. Decline of IVC. Vedic Culture. Early Vedic Period.