How Many Post In Upsc 2019?

Which is the lowest post in IAS?

Ans the bottom publish of the IAS officer is the IAS trainee or IAS probationer given to them at some point of the training duration.

Which post is biggest in UPSC?

the position of a cupboard secretary is as a result, the best role an IAS officer can maintain. to give you an insight into how critical is the position of cupboard secretary, the cupboard secretariat comes without delay underneath the prime minister of India.

Can height matter in IAS?

physical Eligibility standards for usa IAS: there is no peak, weight and chest girth minimum requirement as such for applicants for the IAS, unlike the technical services.

What are the 24 services in UPSC?

Indian Administrative carrier (IAS) Indian Police carrier (IPS) Indian foreign service (IFS) Indian Audit and bills provider (IA&AS) Indian Civil accounts carrier (ICAS) Indian company regulation service (ICLS) Indian Defence bills carrier (IDAS) Indian Defence Estates carrier (IDES)

Which rank is above IAS?

highest publish in Indian Administrative offerings The cabinet Secretary is the IAS top put up and senior civil officer of the India’s government. She/he is the senior government of the Indian Administrative carrier[6] ranked 11th inside the Indian order of priorities.

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Which UPSC job is best?

Indian Defence bills carrier. Indian Ordnance Factories service (Assistant manager, administration) Indian Railway visitors carrier. Indian Audit and debts provider. Indian P & T money owed & Finance. Indian revenue carrier (I.T.) Indian Civil debts provider. Indian sales service.

Who is more powerful IAS or IFS?

IFS officials are powerful built-inbuiltintegrated own proper, though they do no longer have the broad admintegratedistrative powers that an IAS or IPS officer could have built-inintegrated united states of america. notwithstandbuiltintegrated this, they shape India’s foreign policy and can wield a number of have an effect on on different departments related to their work.

Who got rank 1 in IAS?

Hailing from Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, the AIR-1, Shruti Sharma qualified for her u.s. IAS exam on her 2d attempt and excelled in the examination with a complete rating of 1105 out of 2025. Shruti Sharma is a history Graduate from St. Stephen’s college, Delhi.

Who is the father of Civil Services?

For his efforts, Charles Cornwallis is called the ‘Father of Civil service in India’.

How many IAS pass out every year?

thru the u.s.a. examination, one hundred eighty IAS officials are selected for the Indian Administrative services every yr.