How Many Members Write A Upsc Exam In Hyderabad?

How many IAS officers are selected from Telangana?

Telangana has got nine new Indian Administrative Service officers of 2019 batch. They were among 179 IAS officers allotted to 25 States by the Department of Personnel and Training of the Central government after induction training. Two of the officers — Manda Makaranda and B. Rahul — are native of the State.

How many members write UPSC exam per year?

On average, 900,000 to 1,000,000 candidates apply every year and the number of candidates sitting in the preliminary examination is approximately 550,000. Results for the Prelims are published in mid-August, while the final result is published in May of the next year.

How many members are selected for UPSC?

There were 10,93,948 applicants for the UPSC 2021. Only 10,000 candidates passed the UPSC Prelims and advanced to the UPSC Mains.