How Many Cleared Upsc 2018 Interview Result?

Who got highest marks in UPSC interview 2018?

IAS Topper 2018 – Kanishak Kataria (Marks in Mains + Interview = 1121) IAS Topper 2017 – Anudeep Durishetty (Marks in Mains + Interview = 1126) IAS Topper 2016 – Nandini KR (Marks in Mains + Interview = 1120)

Who got most marks in UPSC interview?

Preliminary exam. Mains exam. Personality test (Interview round)

What is the lowest marks in UPSC Interview?

There is no minimum mark in the UPSC interview. Mostly, the marks awarded for the interview ranges from 40% to 80%.

Is UPSC Interview very difficult?

UPSC Interview is one of the toughest rounds to crack. It requires the application of mental acumen. One can develop only if a candidate possesses the aptitude and skill to absorb knowledge.

How many candidates are selected for interview?

Only 20% Of the Applicants Get to the Interview Round. On average, 118 candidates apply for one single job, of whom only 20% are interviewed. And, if you get an offer, you are among just 30.89 percent of interviewees to be selected.

How many candidates are usually selected for interview?

The average is around two to four people. Most decision-makers like to meet with potential hires multiple times before they extend a job offer. It’s a way to know that they’re making the right decisions. However, others prefer to trust their gut and make an offer after only one or two interviews.

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Does interview marks matter in UPSC?

The candidate’s score in the Mains examination does not play any role in deciding the course of the interview, though the marks of both Mains and Personality Test are considered for ranking. Many students have a misconception that the CSE interview is a knowledge test. It is not a knowledge test but a personality test.

Who got rank 1 in UPSC 2018?

Kanishak Kataria, a data scientist working in the silicon valley of India, Bangalore, secured the all-India rank 1 in the 2018 UPSC civil services exam.

How many candidates selected for UPSC interview 2022?

About 2529 candidates qualified for the UPSC Interview.

What is the marks of Shruti Sharma?

She scored 173 marks and 932 marks in personality test and mains respectively totalling to 1105 marks.