How Many Candidates Selected In Upsc 2019 From Bihar?

How many UPSC aspirants are from Bihar?

Bihar accounts for nearly 450 out of total 5,500 IAS officers in the country.

How many Biharis has UPSC cleared?

Bihar’s civil service aspirants have made the state enormously proud as three students have figured in the top 10, results of which were released by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) on Friday. Of 761 qualified candidates, at least 17 students from the state have cleared the prestigious exam.

What percent of IAS are from Bihar?

The latest personnel ministry figures for 4,443 IAS officers show that while 671 (15 per cent) of them are domiciled in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar contributes 419 (9.4 per cent) officers to the service.

Is there any UPSC topper from Bihar?

Besides Subhani, Barnwal and Shubham, one more Bihar native Alok Ranjan Jha, an alumnus of St Michael’s High School, Patna, had topped the CSE in 2001. But Jha didn’t join the IAS cadre, he opted for Indian Foreign Service (IFS).

Which state is best for IAS?

Delhi, New Delhi. Allahabad, State of Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow, State of Uttar Pradesh. Patna, State of Bihar. Jaipur, State of Rajasthan.

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Which state has most IAS?

Which state gives highest numbers of IAS. Uttar Pradesh- Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state, is number one on the list.

Is Bihar good for UPSC preparation?

The performance of the students of Bihar in the UPSC civil services examination is extremely good. As a result, there are a lot of leading coaching centers for civil services in Bihar and these institutes are providing quality education from year to year.

Why is Bihar famous?

Birthplace of Two Religions! : Bihar is the origin of the two biggest religions in the world, namely Buddhism and Jainism. World’s Oldest University! : Nalanda library was set on fire by the army of Bakhtiyar Khilji. The library was believed to hold 9 million manuscripts and took 3 full months to burn down into ashes.

Which state gives most UPSC toppers?

The state of New Delhi is considered to be the centre of excellence as far as the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) IAS toppers are concerned. Every year, there are lakhs of aspirants who go to the state of Delhi for their IAS coaching and turn out successful as well.

Who is the youngest IAS officer of Bihar?

The youngest IAS Officer in India is Ansar Shaikh, who qualified for the IAS exam on his first attempt at the age of just 21 years. As the youngest officer in the Indian Administrative Services, the candidate is a role model for a gallon of aspirants preparing for the UPSC exams.