How Many Attempts For Upsc Engineering Services Examination?

What is the difference between IES and ESE?

IES stands for Indian Engineering Services and it is a category of posts in UPSE. ESE stands for Engineering Services Examination. It is the examination that selects IES officers. The difference between IES and ESE is similar to the difference between IIT and IITJEE.

What is the full form of ESE?

June 2022) The Engineering Services Examination (ESE) is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) to recruit officers for the services which cater to the technical functions of the Government of India. It is a three-stage competitive examination comprising objective, subjective and personality tests.

What is IES salary?

What is the IES Salary per month? The monthly pay scale of an IES Officer is in the range of ₹ 15,600- 39,100/-. Apart from the basic salary, the in-hand salary also has many allowances and perks.

What is the highest post in IES?

Providing 30 years of services to the government of India able them to be at the position of senior general manager or engineer-in-chief. The best performance of the IES officers with experience of 34 years leads them to become chairman or managing director of governmental organisation.

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Is IES bigger than IAS?

Difference Between IAS and IES Both IES officers and IAS officers are Class A Gazetted officers. However, the nature of their service reflects the difference in their repute and public recognition. An IAS officer holds more command over society and receives more recognition.

Who is the youngest IES officer?

Abhishek Dhamankar (Youngest IES officer) delivered the lecture on carrier Guidance and how to prepare for competitive exams.

Which branch is best for IES?

Well, for IES job you may opt Mechanical or Civil as best branch under B. tech. The candidates from this background makes it somewhat easy for themselves to crack the UPSC conducting IES Exam and get selected in the finer jobs.

How many people attempt IES?

Nearly, two lakh candidates appear for the examination every year. The Engineering Services Exam or IES exam recruits Group A and Group B officers for technical positions for the Government of India. The IES exam is a three-stage recruitment process – IES Preliminary, IES Main and Personality Test.

Is IES a powerful job?

The IES is a very specialised and technical service. The IAS is more of a generalist. An IES officer functions in technical areas like roads, railways, manufacturing, defence, construction, public works, telecommunications, power, etc. An IAS officer is expected to hold diverse portfolios in his/her career.

Is IES easier than gate?

Difficulty Level. It is true that no competitive exam is easy to crack. But if we consider the difficulty level of both these exams, then the GATE exam is much tougher and critical than the IES exam. You will face many difficulties and need to invest a lot of effort to solve GATE questions than that of IES.