How Is Unacadmy Plus For Upsc Preparation?

Is Unacademy plus worth it for UPSC?

Ans: Unacademy is one of the leading online coaching programs for various competitive examinations. As of now, the institute has given hundreds of selections for UPSC IAS only. Considering these facts, Unacademy is totally worth a chance.

How good is Unacademy plus?

it is one of the Best platform for online live teaching the way the classes are organised and user interface is excellent. It is really exciting to see so many different types of examination this really appreciable. Subhadeep Mondal recommends Unacademy Plus. Highly beneficial.

What is the success rate of Unacademy for UPSC?

The analysis of success rate of UPSC CSE exam suggests that it is the toughest examination in India. Over 1100000 graduates aspire to appear in this exam and the success rate is just around 0.1% – 0.3%.

What are the disadvantages of Unacademy?

Unacademy is not specially made for school students though it covers entire NCERT books from 6 th class upwards. Again price is a huge hurdle. They charge about 80,000/- for the IAS tablet. Unacademy really isn’t the best option when it comes to school students.

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How many Unacademy students crack UPSC?

History in the making: Over 170 Learners associated with Unacademy’s Last Mile Programme secure top ranks in UPSC CSE 2020. Exemplifying grit and personifying determination, Unacademy Learners crack the country’s most coveted exam with ease.

Which is better Adda247 or Unacademy?

The rating of Adda247 on google play store is 4.7 while the rating of Unacademy is 4.0. The app rating itself is telling how many students are satisfied with the services of Adda247. By all the differences we have mentioned, we can safely conclude that Adda247 is best.

Is there doubt solving In Unacademy plus?

Ask a doubt feature allows you to upload any doubt that is specific to your Goal and receive instant solutions that are available in Unacademy’s vast solution bank.

Can 2 people use Unacademy plus?

You can login to 3 devices -2 mobile and 1 laptop or vice-versa. But at a time you can use only one device. Someone changed my login details of my Unacademy Plus subscription. How do I recover my account?

Who cleared IAS from Unacademy?

At the age of 22, Roman Saini cleared the Civil Service Examination in his first attempt and secured the AIR 18. He was one of the youngest aspirants to clear the examination. He did his training at the Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) in Mussoorie.

Which UPSC coaching has highest success rate?

Youth Destination is a well known IAS coaching in Delhi that has the highest success rate for IAS preparation. The institute provides help for all the three stages of the IAS examination: preliminary exam, mains and interview round or personality tests.