How Is Spectrum Geography Book For Upsc?

Which book is better for UPSC geography?

Apart from the NCERTs, you must go through the below-mentioned UPSC Books for geography. Go Cheng Leong – Certificate Physical & Human Geography Indian geography. School Atlas – Orient Black Swan. Oxford Student Atlas.

Who is the best author of Indian geography?

Geography of India is a book by author Majid Husain.

What should I read in geography for UPSC mains?

Physical Geography by Savindra Singh. India: A Comprehensive Geography by D R Khullar. Human Geography by Majid Husain. Models in Geography by Majid Husain. Geographical Thought by R D Dixit. Fundamentals of Geographical Thought by Sudeepta Adhikari.

Who is best tutor for Geography UPSC?

Mr. Akshay Sanjay Gurubhaiye is one of the best faculty for Geography optional. For the 2022 UPSC Examination, Plutus IAS Coaching Institute has highly qualified faculty members available.

Who is the best teacher for Geography UPSC?

First in the list of Best Teacher for Geography Optional UPSC Exam. Mr. Neetu Singh, Faculty of Geography Optional IAS Coaching. Shabbir sir’s, Faculty of Geography Optional IAS Coaching. Alok Ranjan sir Faculty of Geography Optional IAS Coaching. Khan sir Faculty of Geography Optional IAS Coaching at KSG.

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Is Ncert enough for UPSC Geography?

Having adequate knowledge of general science is important in UPSC. To be able to answer science and technology-related questions you must refer to NCERT science books as they cover a lot of information.

Who is the father of real Geography?

Eratosthenes, the ancient Greek scholar is called the ‘father of geography. He was the first one to use the word geography and he also had a small-scale notion of the planet that helped him to determine the circumference of the earth. About Eratosthenes: Eratosthenes was multi-talented.

Who is the father of Indian geography?

James Rennell has been called the Father of Indian Geography, and for his pioneering work on oceanography as the Father of Oceanography.

How can I memorize Geography for UPSC?

You read about Geographical phenomenon almost on a daily basis in the newspapers. When you read about a natural calamity or phenomenon, relate it to what you have read in the textbooks. This way, you are also preparing for the current affairs.

What is the highest score in geography optional?

The highest marks in Geography Optional is 327.