Do Students Give Upsc In Gujarati?

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Which language is good for UPSC?

3 Which language is best for UPSC interview? Ans. 3 The most opted language medium for the Civil Services interview Examination is English and Hindi. However, candidates should opt for a language in which they are more comfortable.

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Can I write answers in Gujarati in UPSC mains?

Yes, you can write UPSC optional paper answers in Gujarati but in case if you choose any language paper for your optional then you’ll have to write your answers in that particular language only.

Who passed UPSC from Gujarat?

The six successful candidates from the state are Hiren Barot who ranked 332 in All India Rank (AIR), Jayvir Gadhvi (341), Prabhat Singh (483), Akshesh Engineer (601), Kartikey Kumar (653) and Pranav Agja (665).

How can I become IAS in Gujarat?

For becoming an IAS officer, a candidate must qualify UPSC civil services exam (UPSC CSE) that consists of three stages – Prelims, Mains, and Interview. Below are the academic qualifications required for becoming an IAS officer. Subject Combination- Candidates can choose any stream in XII.

Can I give UPSC interview in Gujarati?

IAS aspirants can give the UPSC interview in English or any regional language mentioned in the 8th schedule of the Indian constitution irrespective of the medium of the written exam, as per the announcement by the UPSC in 2011.

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Is English compulsory for UPSC?

English language paper is compulsory which comes under the qualifying category. The final ranking of the UPSC IAS Main examination does not include the marks secured in the English language paper. Candidates need to secure at least 75 marks out of 300 marks in the English language paper to qualify for the examination.

Can Gujarati medium crack UPSC?

Your question’s answer is Yes! you can write the UPSC mains with the HIndi language.

Which language is used in IAS interview?

As per now, IAS applicants can give the UPSC interview in English or any regional language mentioned in the 8th schedule of the Indian constitution regardless of the mechanism of the composed test, according to the declaration by the UPSC in 2011.

Does language matter in UPSC exam?

If your question is related to the medium of UPSC exam, then it entirely depends on which language you’re comfortable, though English is chosen by greater number of aspirants, it also has certain benefits like availability of study materials easily for all subjects in UPSC, there are also candidates who qualify this …

How many IAS are there in Gujarat?

In Modi govt, just 4% of IAS officers are from Gujarat cadre, but they hold the key posts. Of the 18 Gujarat IAS officers in the Central government, 4 serve in the PMO, 4 in the finance ministry and 2 in the home ministry.