Can We Write Extra Question In Mains Upsc?

Can we exceed word limit in UPSC mains?

This limit is usually considered as the ideal word limit for UPSC Mains. This word limit caution should be maintained because you will be given a fixed amount of pages. Hence if you exceed the word limit in each answer, it is possible that you will not be able to attempt all the answers.

Can we leave questions in UPSC mains?

Don’t leave any questions unanswered in the compulsory papers even if you are cent percent sure of getting pass marks.

Do we get extra sheet in UPSC mains?

You’ve to be extra cautious before writing the answers, any scratching of lines/paragraphs for correction, will only reduce the space. You will not get any extra supplementary answersheets, if you run out of space.

Are all questions compulsory in UPSC mains?

Candidate has to attempt FIVE questions in all. Questions no. 1 and 5 are compulsory and out of the remaining, any THREE are to be attempted choosing at least ONE from each section. The number o f marks carried by a question/part is indicated against it.

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What is 7 5 3 rule in UPSC?

SEVEN – Candidates’ should aim to answer questions within 7 minutes per question. FIVE – Write 5 points in their answers related to the keyword. It would be better to break down the answer into bulleted points. THREE – Elaborate each point in 3 dimensions as per the requirements listed in the question.

What is lowest marks in UPSC mains?

Candidates have to score at least 25% marks in each qualifying paper in order to clear the main examination.

Who checks UPSC mains copy?

The UPSC mains answer sheets are manually evaluated by examiners. There is one Head Examiner and many Additional Examiners. All the UPSC Mains answer sheets/booklets are coded with fictitious numbers before the evaluation process commences.

Do we get pen in UPSC mains?

Yes, gel pen is allowed in UPSC answer writing for the Mains exam.

Do UPSC toppers attempt all questions in mains?

The candidates have to try to attempt all the questions to gain maximum marks in the Mains Exam.

Which is the most scoring subject in UPSC mains?

Geography. Most of the aspirants choose Geography as their optional subject because it is noticed that it is the highest-scoring option in UPSC and the most popular among the candidates. Last year also there were a lot of toppers with this optional.