Can We Give Upsc Exam In Marathi?

Is Marathi literature good for UPSC?

Marathi literature is blanketed in the america Mains as an elective problem in civil offerings exam. If an aspirant has an aspect over Marathi literature non-compulsory difficulty, then it is a great decision of selecting it as your elective concern for civil services examination.

Can I give UPSC essay in Marathi?

am i able to write GS Papers in English and Essay and non-obligatory in Marathi mediam. yes.

Can I prepare for UPSC in Marathi medium?

yes, it is possible to prepare for both u.s. Marathi Books and Prelims books on the identical time. candidates need to maintain a balance, and find a way to give sufficient time to each Prelims books and Marathi books. but prior 3 months to the united states of america Prelims examination, applicants best want to cognizance at the u.s.a. Prelims Books.

Can I give UPSC in any language?

answer – The candidates, choosing Indian Language medium for the written a part of the Civil services (most important) exam might also select both the equal Indian Language or English or Hindi as the medium for the interview.

Can I give IAS interview in Marathi?

candidates can choose English, Hindi or any other regional language while dealing with the united states of america panel. simplest the ones applicants who are exempt from taking the obligatory Indian language paper need to attend the interview in both English or Hindi.

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Can I clear UPSC in Marathi?

The Prelims exams are performed in Hindi and English only. however, for Mains you can choose anybody of the 22 languages which includes English, Hindi in addition to Marathi.

Is English grammar necessary for UPSC?

you are built-inimum a graduate and your writintegratedg should replicate that. Your exambuilt-iner need to be capable of understand your solutions and every so often bad grammar can damage the that meansintegrated integrated to carryintegrated. So, it is essential to have a respectable hold close of the basic grammar of whatever language you’re writbuilt-ing built-in.

Is handwriting necessary for UPSC?

in the united states of america mains, you have to write down solutions within a certain phrase restriction. You want neat and legible handwriting and yes, you have to own excellent solution writing talents. it’s miles recommended which you write certainly if you are not doing it already.

Which medium is best for IAS?

3 Which language is best for america interview? Ans. three The most opted language medium for the Civil services interview examination is English and Hindi. however, candidates have to choose a language wherein they’re more secure.

Is Sanskrit compulsory for IAS?

now not all of the answers in the papers need up to date-day be written in Sanskrit. aside from some questions which might be essential day-upupdated be responded in Sanskrit on my own, all the different questions may be responded in Hindi, English, or another medium of a language that’s the medium decided on by means of the candidate.