Can Upsc Pol Science Optional Shhubhra Notes For Ugc Net?

How do I get shubhra Ranjan PSIR notes?

Along with notes booklets, students will be provided online access on our website where Shubhra Ranjan Ma’am updates current notes for PSIR. Important Information: The Correspondence notes will be sent by courier to the address provided by the student.

How to approach political science optional for UPSC?

Try to remember that the answers of the General Studies Paper should look different from the political Science and IR optional paper. Use scholar views, facts, technical words in the optional subject to score well in this subject.

How long is sufficient PSIR optional?

Being a faculty for UPSC PSIR optional, would recommend that FOUR months would be good time for students to understand basic concepts and make notes alongside of the reference books they would want to refer.

Which is the best source for PSIR optional?

The Oxford Companion to Politics in India by Niraja Gopal Jayal and Pratap Bhanu Mehta. Rethinking Public Institutions in India by P.B. Mehta, Devesh Kapur and Milan Vaishnav. Editorials on IGP by P.B.

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How long does it take to complete Pol Science optional?

Political Science Optional Foundation 2023. GS SCORE’S PSIR Optional Foundation is a 4.5 Months Comprehensive Classes to Cover Complete UPSC Syllabus of PSIR with innovative methodology of teaching and application of different approaches mentioned in syllabus.

How many booklets are there in shubhra Ranjan notes?

Subhra Ranjan Political Science Optional Notes in English for IAS Mains Entrance and Other Competitive Exam Preparations 2022. Notes Possesses 7 Paperback booklets and a total no of 2040 Pages.

Who got highest marks in Political Science optional UPSC?

Tina Dabi secured All India Rank 1 in 2015. Tina graduated from Lady Shri Ram College in 2014 in Political Science. Her optional subject too was Political Science and International Relations. She scored 299 marks her optional subject.

Which optional has the shortest syllabus?

Which UPSC Optional Subject has Smallest Syllabus? Philosophy has the shortest syllabus out of all of the optional subjects for the UPSC examination and is the reason for it is a popular choice amongst UPSC aspirants.

Which optional has most overlap with GS?

The syllabus of Geography Optional overlaps with almost 40% of the GS syllabus.

Which optional subject is more scoring?

Based on the general trend, the subjects which have the potential to help you score about 330 marks in optional exams (with your immense dedication, ofcourse) are Mathematics, Anthropology, Sociology, any Literature, Public Administration and Geography.