Can Upsc Aspirants Take The Cds Exam?

Is CDS equivalent to UPSC?

The Mathematics section of UPSC CDS is completely different from the requirements of UPSC CSE Prelims. UPSC CDS is completely oriented towards mathematics, whereas, Civil Service Prelims Exam is more oriented to Quantitative Aptitude.

Does UPSC release answer key for CDS?

Will UPSC release the CDS answer key? A. Yes, UPSC releases the answer key of CDS only after the declaration of the final result.

Is CDS and UPSC syllabus same?

Both have different syllabus because requirements are different. Process selection is different. CDS wants strategists defence officers and Civil Service wants administrators.

How many attempts left CDS?

You won’t be eligible to apply for IMA, INA and AFA in 2023. But you can apply for OTA in 2021. 2022, 2023 so you will have 3 attempts for IMA, INA and AFA if you are male candidate. For OTA you have 5 attempts left.

Can I join IAS after CDS?

Further, you can surely appear for UPSC CSE and be an IAS Officer. There is no such restriction to do so.

Which army post is equal to IAS?

This basically means that an IAS officer, after 14 years of service, would be granted the pay-scale of a Maj Gen, having 33 years of service.

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What is UPSC CDS salary?

The below table shows the CDS salary/grade pay and the respective pay matrix level as per the latest 7th Pay Commission. The Military Service Pay (MSP) to the officers from the rank of Lieutenant to Brigadier is a fixed amount of Rs 15,500 per month.

Is CDS a permanent job?

As the name suggests in Short Service Commission the candidate can be an officer for 10 years which can be extended till 14 years. After 14 years the officer will be given the option to shift to the permanent commission which is the Indian Army.

What type of GK is asked in CDS?

CDS General Knowledge Syllabus 2023: Check Detailed Topic-wise Syllabus. The General Knowledge paper is mandatory for all candidates. The syllabus of the General Knowlege section is quite vast and comprises History, Geography, Science, Polity, Economics, Current Affairs.

Is UPSC CDS hard?

The CDS exam is conducted by UPSC every year, However, it’s neither tough nor easy. We often tell all your aspiration filled students that the moment they start thinking that the CDS exam is hard or tough. The moment their subconscious starts showing a positive response to clear the CDS exam.