Can Rbi Officer Prepare For Upsc?

Can I prepare for UPSC and RBI Grade B?

Answer : Yes, you can prepare for both the exams simultaneously. We suggest this approach:Make UPSC as your main goal as it has a very exhaustive syllabus to cover. Preparation for RBI will need extra efforts on Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning but that can be done with few months’ preparation.

Is RBI Grade B same as UPSC?

Conclusion: RBI Grade B has a comparatively lesser syllabus than UPSC CSE. Hence, if you have limited time and patience, go for RBI Grade B. Candidates with a strong background of Commerce, Economics or Management are also advised to prepare for RBI Grade B.

Which stream is best for RBI officer?

It is 3 stage exam comprising of Prelims, Mains and Interview. There are about 200 vacancies every year. The exam requires commerce and finance knowledge, so students with commerce background have a advantage.

Which degree is best for RBI?

You need to have any one of the following: (A) A Master’s Degree in Economics / Econometrics / Quantitative Economics / Mathematical Economics / Integrated Economics Course/ Finance, with a minimum of 55% marks or an equivalent grade in aggregate of all semesters /years from a recognised Indian or Foreign University / …

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Who earns more RBI or IAS?

RBI Grade B Vs IAS Salary 2021 The salary of both RBI Officer and IAS officer is almost the same. If we compare the monthly salary of the RBI Grade B officer and IAS officer then an RBI Grade B officer is offered INR 68,000/-(approx.). The basic salary of an RBI Grade B officer is INR 35150/-.

Do RBI officers get to travel abroad?

RBI officers do not get postings outside India. However, some officers might get a chance to go to several national and international organizations on deputations.

Which is better PCS or RBI Grade B?

Compared to SBI/IBPS POs, RBI Grade B Officers are way ahead. They get more salary, more perks, and allowances. In-Hand Salary (Approx.) The career growth opportunities or the chances to get the promotion to the next level are almost similar in both these profiles.

Is RBI Grade B salary high?

The candidates who qualify the RBI Grade B exam are offered a starting basic pay of Rs. 35,150 in the scale of Rs. 35150-1750 (9)-50900-EB-1750 (2)-54400-2000 (4)-62400.

Which is tougher SSC or RBI Grade B?

Depending upon the vastness of the syllabus of SSC CGL Prelims and Mains, SSC CGL exam preparation requires more effort as compared to the RBI Grade B exam.

Which is better RBI or UPSC?

In short both the jobs are among the top government sector jobs of our country. If you want power, nothing even comes close to UPSC/IRS, but if you want every thing in sufficient amount, RBI is good for you, especially if you want to make a career in Finance.