Can I Give Upsc After B.a Programme?

Which BA Programme is best for UPSC?

In your graduation, you could take up any of the above subjects like history, geography, political science, public administration, philosophy, etc. Economics is also recommended for those who are interested in it.

Which is best for UPSC BA program or BA Honours?

It provide specialisation in that subject. You can do any of these for preparation of UPSC. But opting for simple BA is better because it offers a course curriculum in all the major subjects that will help you in UPSC exam.

Can I get placement after BA Programme?

There are a number of employment domains that BA graduates can join immediately after graduation. BA is one of the most diverse courses in terms of employment opportunities for graduates.

Is UPSC easier for arts students?

So, it is advisable to opt for the stream of Arts as it would allow you to prepare better and score higher at all the three stages of the IAS Exam. So, no wonder if you opt for the Humanities at school in class 11th itself, you would be better able to clear the IAS Exam.

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What can we do after BA Programme?

Pursuing a Degree in M.A. Become a Software Developer. Specialize in Business Analytics. Become a Data Scientist. Digital Marketing. Enter the Insurance Industry. Become a Manager (MBA) Human Resources Specialist.

Which BA Programme is best?

Which subject is best for BA? BA Economics and BA Political Science are considered to be the best options. Most of the central universities in India have a high cutoff for these two courses. BA Economics also provides various employment opportunities for graduating students.

Is BA Programme a bachelor degree?

Bachelor of Arts (abbreviated BA) degrees are undergraduate-level achievements conferred by universities around the world. Taking a Bachelor of Arts degree can offer a number of diverse benefits ranging from enhanced career prospects to improved problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Is BA Programme a good option?

BA Programme gives you an opportunity to study various combinations of subjects. It can also be a good option for those who cannot get through an Honours course of their choice because of high cut-offs. In Delhi University B.A. Programme is one the most sought-after courses among DU aspirants.

Which BA course has highest salary?

Media, Journalism & Mass Communication. BPO Services. Marketing & Advertising. Content Creation. Graphic Designing. Teaching/Lecturership. Professional Courses (MBA, MIM, PGDM, etc.) Social Services.

What is the scope in BA program?

They can apply in Union public service communication for posts like IPS, IAS, IFS, Indian defense service. 5 If candidate have studied subjects like English,Hindi, history and political science in graduation, they can help in making a career in field of Law.