Can I Fill Upsc Form Twice?

How many times we can fill UPSC form?

The number of attempts for the IAS exam: General Category: 6 attempts, OBC: 9 tries, SC/ST: unlimited tries.

Does filling up UPSC form count as an attempt?

Answer: No, an attempt is only counted if a candidate has appeared in at least one paper during the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination.

What happens if two candidates get same marks in UPSC?

The marks obtained in the preliminary examination are not considered for final ranking in the Civil Services exam. The candidates who finish with more marks in the compulsory or common papers and the personality test, regardless of their overall marks, will have a higher chance of being ranked higher by taking into account the total number of marks scored.

Can I fill UPSC form after last date?

IAS eligibility criteria must be fulfilled in order to appear for the UPSC 2022 exam. No extra attempt is being given to candidates who have been barred from appearing due to age.