Can I Do Upsc And Ras Tovether?

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How much time is required to prepare for RAS?

Time needed: 90 days. Familiarise yourself with RAS Exam.

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What is the highest post in RAS?

The officers are included in the state cadre of civil service officers. RAS officers undergo two years training at HCM Rajasthan State Institute of Public Administration. Cadre controlling authority for this service is Department of Personnel, Government of Rajasthan. The head of this service is Chief Secretary.

Which degree is best for RAS?

As far as RAS goes- the subject/degree with most topics related to RAS or any other administrative services would be that of ARTS as you can check from syllabus of both RPSC or UPSC. The topics included in syllabus are from Arts domain.

What is difference between RAS and UPSC?

RAS Exam is loosely modelled on the exam pattern of the IAS Exam. RPSC RAS Exam has three stages: Preliminary – Unlike UPSC IAS Exam, RPSC RAS has only one paper in the preliminary exam, having 150 objective questions for 200 marks. The duration of the prelims examination is 3 hours.

Is RAS interview tough?

RPSC RAS Preliminary exam 2022 exam has a moderate level of difficulty, as per the analysis conducted by different candidates.

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Can RAS be promoted to IAS?

The department of personnel, Govt of India has issue a list of 5 Rajasthan Administrative Services (RAS) officers of Rajashtan who are promoted as IAS. Those who are promoted as IAS are Pukhraj Sen, Shruti Bharadwaj, Arun Kumar Purohit, Mukul Sharma, and Ajay Singh Rathore.

Who is bigger RAS or IAS?

RAS and IAS: Difference in Exam Type RPSC RAS is the Highest Administrative Recruitment Examination of Rajasthan State whereas, the UPSC IAS is the Highest Administrative Recruitment Examination of the country.

What is the duty of RAS officer?

RAS officers usually perform administrative works, and they suppose to deliver various government services apart from conducting revenue administration and maintenance of law and order. RAS officer responsible for the effective grass-root implementation of the various administrative policies in the Rajasthan state.

Do RAS officers get car?

Government Vehicle: An RAS officer is provided with a government vehicle to travel.

What is RAS salary?

The in-hand salary of the RPSC RAS officers is INR 61,000 to 66,000. Along with the salary, the selected candidates are also provided with various allowances.