Can I Crack Upsc Pcs In First Attempt?

Is it possible to crack UPSC in 1st attempt?

It is a myth that no one cracks the UPSC Civil Services. Exam in the first attempt.

Is IAS easier than PCS?

Provincial Civil Services (PCS): No doubt IAS is better than PCS in terms of salary, growth and over all career prospective, but as PCS is much better than many other government jobs so a candidate should try for PCS as well because the chances of clearing the PCS exam is much more than that of the IAS exam.

Who got rank 1 in UPSC in first attempt?

Tina Dabi at 22 has achieved what many would have taken years to achieve.

What is the easiest subject to crack UPSC?

Answer: Sociology, Geography, and Public Administration are easy subjects to score. Many candidates have scored more than 400 marks in these optional subjects as per the previous year’s result.

How can I get air 1 in UPSC?

Working on basics. Batching mock tests for prelims and mains in his daily study plan. A wise selection of optional (scored 320/500). Newspaper reading for current affairs part. Focus on revision.

What is the last rank for IAS?

UPSC Rank Wise Post 2021 The Last Rank for IAS in UPSC Exam 2021 is 680 in the general category. IFS Rank in UPSC 2021 for the general category is 88.

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Can PCS become DM?

IAS officers hold the rank of secretary, additional secretary, joint secretary or deputy secretary whereas PCS officers hold the rank of deputy collector, sub-divisional magistrate or district magistrate.

Who appoints PCS officer?

PCS officers, regardless of their mode of entry, are appointed by the Governor of Uttar Pradesh.

Who is bigger IAS or SDM?

Answer: The post of DM is higher than the SDM because a DM is the highest chief officer rank in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), while the SDM post is updated, or the SDM is promoted after 5 to 6 years of service in the same post.

How many hours UPSC toppers study?

Candidates should focus on the efficacy and quality of the study, which counts, rather than the study duration. IAS Toppers generally study between 4 to 16 hours a day, which differs in their strategy for preparation. Some candidates outperformed in the UPSC exam by devoting just 3 hours in a day or less.