Can I Become Legal Advisor After Studying For Upsc?

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Which law degree is best for UPSC?

BA LLB vs B.COM LLB The BA subjects taught in law course, Political Science, History and Economics form 60% of UPSC and other Competitive Exam syllabi giving students an opportunity and calculated edge over others in civil service preparation during their five-year course.

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Can IAS officer become Lawyer India?

You can study LLB and BBA, after becoming an IAS officer, but you have to take admission in evening course to study law and get a formal degree. Earlier many universities like Delhi and Punjab University, Chandigarh offered evening courses in law. .

Which is best IAS or lawyer?

However lawyers have an upper hand in UPSC since general studies tests the knowledge of Indian polity and governance and with prior understanding of constitutional law, lawyers are at a better place to answer those questions.

Who earn more lawyer or IAS?

And the salary also different in both sector. Like one IAS officer salary will be 58000 per month starting. And one lawyer starting salary different some time 30000 per month also if you are private lawyer then your salary will be 1lakh per month also.

Which is more difficult UPSC or judiciary?

Generally Speaking, UPSC requires slightly more effort than judicial services, For one, a candidate needs a more articulative brain, For later more of a memory, power is required. Both of them an equally tough task. UPSC Exam – The effort is more coordinated in UPSC due to its more generic nature of the syllabus.

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Can UPSC prepare for LLB?

No, you cannot give UPSC examination while being in your 3rd year of BA LLB as BA LLB course of 5 year duration, so even though you are in your third year you are still not a graduate and so not eligible for UPSC examination.

Can a IAS practice law?

Rule 49 of the Bar Council of India states that any full-time salaried employee, whether he or she belongs to a corporation, private firm, or the government, cannot practise as a lawyer before a court of law.

Is law degree good for IAS?

Law graduates often choose law as an optional subject in UPSC Civil Services Exam which plays a key role in cracking the exam. The only thing you need to take care of is to stay focused and keep yourself updated because that’s what UPSC CSE aspirants do.

Can a judge suspend IAS?

Simply speaking, only the President of India can suspend or dismiss IAS officers after reviewing their case. The central government also has rights in this matter.

Which job is equal to IAS?

The All India Services comprises the three prestigious civil services of India and they are the Indian Administrative Service (IAS); Indian Police Service (IPS); and Indian Forest Service (IFS).