Can Gel Pens Be Used In Upsc?

Which gel pen is best for UPSC?

Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens, Fine Point, 5-Pack, Blue Ink (31299)

Can we use black gel pen in UPSC Prelims?

Take black ball point pens: Always carry one or two black ball point pens for the UPSC Prelims exam. The answers on the Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) sheet are marked using only black ball point pen. Pencils are not allowed.

Can we use gel pen in UPSC mains Quora?

UPSC does not mentioned any colour and type of pen to write Mains examination. It’s up to you, which pen you use. Legibility- what you had written should be legible to examiner. Speed- paper should be completed within time.

Can I write UPSC mains exam with gel pen?

Gel pens can be better than ball pens on some occasions, but for Mains, you should go for ball pens. Gel pens can be a little troublesome for a long and description paper. With a ball pen, you can enhance your speed and writing.

Which pen do IAS use?

In the Prelims Exam, UPSC has allowed using only a black ball point pen to answer in the OMR Sheet. And, in the Mains Exam, an aspirant can use either a black or blue pen.

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Which pen did Kanishak Kataria used?

If you are still interested, I used a “Hauser” blue gel pen for all my exams. On the day of the examination, write for 15-20 minutes before leaving for the test centre.

Is highlighter allowed in UPSC?

Do Not Write Partly In Ink And Pencil. Many believe that changing the colour will highlight the point in the answer booklet. But this is not allowed in UPSC conventional papers.

Can we use gel pen in public exam?

Yes, Blue or royal blue ink gel pens can be used. Question: Which pen is good for handwriting in CBSE board exams? Answer: A rollerball is one of the best pens for good handwriting in CBSE board exams.

Is gel pen allowed?

Airlines sometimes just discourage you from taking gel pens on flight.

Which pen did shubham use?

Shubham used to write with Reynold’s Trimax refill only but that is only subjective. Try different strategies and go for what works best for you. Try to keep your answers in points and very precise.