Can Foreign Medical Graduate Give Upsc Exam?

Is foreign degree valid for UPSC?

There are no restrictions placed on applicants for the foreign graduate program at UPSC.

Can foreign students apply for UPSC?

Nationality: Candidates for all posts other than those of Indian Administrative Service and Indian Police Service need to be either a citizen of India or an overseas citizen.

Can a medical student give UPSC exam?

If you’re looking for a degree that is recognized by the UPSC, then you don’t need a graduate diploma from any particular discipline, but rather from any stream and from any university. University-accredited degrees are like MBBS, BMS, BHMS, CSE -all are eligible to give UPSC examination.

Can a foreign graduate become IAS?

Nationality: The Wikipedia clearly states that one with an Indian passport would be eligible to take the civil services exam. IAS, IPS, and IFS are only available for citizens of India. However, a non-native with eligibility is also allowed to participate in the same exam.

Which foreign degrees are valid in India?

Professional degrees awarded by foreign universities which also entitle the student to practice a profession in India in disciplines such as medicine, nursing, pharmacy, law and architecture are given equivalence by the respective professional councils,” says an AIU official.

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Which degree is not eligible for UPSC exam?

International candidates for the Union Public Service Commission exam must be 18 or older, possess a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from a recognised university in India, and be able to resolve their final year exams. Candidates who have met these requirements can apply.

Can a non Indian citizen become IAS?

For any position within the IRS or the treasury department, you must be a U.S. citizen.

Do IAS get foreign trips?

Ans. IAS officers usually aren’t issued a diplomatic passport unless they are visiting a foreign country on diplomatic work. The maroon coloured diplomatic passport is only given to IAS officers in the event they are posted out of the country to a diplomatic mission.

Do IAS work in foreign countries?

With the new implementation of IAS Officers, it would be beneficial to understand if they are able to take leaves for personal reasons. While they do not need permission from the government, they will not get paid during their leave.

How many doctors are IAS?

Here are some doctors that combined their careers as doctors with their life as IAS officers. Shena Aggarwal, who performed well at UPSC CSE-2011, is one such standout doctor-turned-IAS officer. She had completed her MBBS from AIIMS in 2009 before also scoring a 305 ranking for UPSC CSE 2010.

Can a doctor become a UPSC officer?

It’s been hard to get into IAS because it’s such a popular government post, but there are many more doctors who have cracked the competition. Why is it so? Doctors A and B debate.

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Is IAS better than Doctor?

An IAS officer is a very well-paid high-level government job in India. To say the least, you’ll obtain that coveted A+ rating with the top employers, have some prestigious perks and are well respected by society.

Are IAS allowed to marry foreigners?

Clause 8(1) of the Indian Foreign Service (conduct and discipline) rules, 1986 say that officers should not marry someone who isn’t an Indian citizen. The government needs to approve before officers can get married outside their service.

How many holidays IAS get?

All IAS officers get holidays, but their families may not. They are entitled to 30 days’ earned leave and 8 days of casual leave each year. The Delhi government has set gazetted holidays for the additional 20 days they can take, while they’re also entitled to half-pay leaves that they get every other month. In addition, IAS officers only spend one day a week at work. It’s important to remember weekends are also included in this leave break!

What is UPSC CMS salary?

The UPSC CMS starting salary will be INR 56100. But the salary will differ for different posts of the UPSC CMS, such as General Duty Medical Officers and Sub-cadre Grade I. Medical officers who are in Medical Officer Grade in General Duty receive a pay matrix of Rs 56100 to Rs. 177500.