Can Commerce Student Apply For Upsc?

Is Commerce Good for UPSC?

Global Commerce is recognized for offering multiple options, providing unique opportunities for students. Since it is a required and scored optional, more students are choosing this option.

Can BCOM student do Upsc?

A bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for admission to the exam, but qualified candidates may have earned an advanced, professional or doctoral degree in relevant fields as well.

Can a Commerce student be a IAS officer?

It is possible to take a commerce degree and become an IAS officer. UPSC has made it clear that the candidate must be a graduate, scoring at least 33% marks in their graduation.

Which stream is best for UPSC?

Studying for the IAS Exam is a test of preparation, and Humanities Arts inspires you to prepare better than almost any other stream. With Humanities in 11th Grade, you’ll be prepared better than bandies studied in school can give you.

Can I crack UPSC with Commerce stream?

Any Indian citizen who is a graduate and above the age of 21 can take the exam provided he/she fulfils all the other eligibility conditions for the UPSC exam. Students from different streams take this exam including science, arts, commerce, engineering, medical, etc.

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Which degree is best for UPSC?

In the event that you want to become a professional in law, medicine, or any other competitive exams, it is best for you to study at least five years in order to secure your seat. If you bear this time span in mind and are aiming for the UPSC exams, then a BA degree should be your first choice.

Which Commerce degree is best for UPSC?

Other major degree courses in India include those like the BCA, the BSc, and the B. Arch. Many students who majored in business or commerce go on to become IAS officers. In between three years of graduate study, you can join one of India’s top institutes for taking the UPSC exam. Or, you could study either offline or online.

Can I become collector with Commerce?

If you want to take the exam for this job, you’ll need to be a graduate from a government-recognized university. You’ll accept any major in the arts, commerce, or science as your graduation degree.

Is UPSC very tough?

The IAS exam is considered to be the hardest exam in India. The pass percentage here is very low, and the syllabus is expansive.

Does 12th Percentage matter in UPSC?

It doesn’t matter if you have a class 12 mark or not for the UPSC. At the eligibility stage of the civil services, applicants should hold a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in subjects they are aiming to join.

Is math compulsory for IAS?

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Services Mains Exam comprises Mathematics as one of the optional subjects at the pre-examination level. A paper is set on this subject in both Paper I and Paper II in all rounds. The Maths Optional for CSE 2022 remains unchanged from the previous entry qualification courses.

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Which subject is easiest for UPSC?

UPSC is a general category and it’s easy to score. Many candidates have scored more than 400 marks in the optional subjects of sociology, geography, and public administration as per the previous year’s result.

Is BCOM is best for IAS?

The BBA and the B.Com are equally a good degree courses for UPSC preparation. In terms of preparation time and practice, the BBI is lighter than the B.Com course.

Which subject is best for IAS in Commerce?

Commerce: Commerce, Accounting, Economics, Law, Management, and Maths.

Do IAS get free time?

After clearing all three stages of UPSC, candidates will receive training in the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, which is held under strict discipline from 6 am to 9am. ##