Can An Obc Join Jamia Free Upsc Coaching?

How to get free IAS coaching in Jamia Millia Islamia?

To help those economically weaker students, free coaching for civil services is provided by Jamia Millia Islamia University. To enroll in this coaching program, students have to crack an entrance exam. The entrance exam is conducted on the basis of the model of Union Public Service Commission.

Can obc apply for Jamia Millia Islamia?

No there are no reservations for Non-MUSLIM other backward castes community members in Jamia Millia Islamia ,New Delhi . There are reservations for muslims/muslim obc/muslim women/kashmiri migrant/handicapped respectively . Muslims are given reservations in the first order because it is a minority institution.

Is Jamia RCA for OBC students?

As per the eligibility criteria, only students belonging to minorities, SC/STs and women can get admission into Jamia Milia’s Residential Coaching Academy.

Who can apply for JMI IAS coaching?

Only those candidates who have already completed their graduation and are eligible for applying to Civil Services 2023 need to apply for RCA-JMI.

Is Lbsnaa free of cost?

There are no particular training fees taken by LBSNAA. Instead, during the training period of two years in LBSNAA, IAS officers are paid a “Special Pay Advance” or monthly “stipend”. The minimum stipend ranges from Rs. 35000 to Rs.

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How many IAS does Jamia Millia Islamia have?

It would not be wrong to say that the Jamia Millia Islamia’s Residential Coaching Academy (RCA) in Delhi is a premier nursery for civil servants that has produced 270 IAS and IPS officers during the last 11 years.

Is there any reservation in Jamia?

Tech Reservation Criteria 2022 for Internal Jamia Students. The university provides 5% reservation of seats in all programs for internal students of Jamia who have passed their qualifying examination of the concerned programme (X or XII) from Jamia Schools as regular students.

Is there any free classes for UPSC?

Jamia Millia Islamia University in New Delhi likewise gives free training to the UPSC Civil Services Examination. The Residential Coaching Academy (RCA), Centre for Coaching and Career Planning at the college gives free training to the minorities, SCs, STs, and female.

How to prepare for Jamia IAS coaching?

Reading NCERTS, particularly for core subjects such as History and Geography. Read newspapers, preferably The Hindu. Read the current Economic Survey. Have a look at their Previous Year Papers.

Do Hindu students study in JMI?

Yes, a Hindu student is as equally eligible to apply for admission in Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) as the students belonging to other communities.