Can An Iim Graduate Clear Upsc Given He’s Working?

Do people go for UPSC after IIM?

I did my graduation in Computer Science in Bengaluru and then joined the IIM (Indian Institute of Management), Ahmedabad, to do my MBA. Later I cracked the UPSC examination and joined the Civil Services.

Can I prepare for UPSC while doing MBA from IIM?

Hello Aspirant, Hope you are doing well.As per your query let me tell you that you can prepare for UPSC exam while doing regular MBA.

Do people go for UPSC after MBA?

The management graduates can, of course, clear the IAS exam and get into the services. If you are curious to know if your management degree will come hand or not, read on. The article will talk about the best optional subjects for a management graduate.

How many IAS are from IIM?

The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, (IIM-A) graduates are better known to scale corporate heights but it turned out on Thursday that as many as 446 have joined civil services.

Who earns more IAS or MBA?

MBA vs UPSC: Perks and Benefits Benefits received by an IAS / IPS officer: An IAS/IPS officer can receive less amount of salary than his MBA graduate counterpart working in a multinational company. But one needs to agree with the fact that the former receive more when it comes to perks and benefits.

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Should I go for IIM or UPSC?

If what you need is a peaceful life with good status and a decent sum of money as salary, go for IAS. If you’re very talented (honest self analysis required) and likes to lead a luxurious life without your father in laws’s help and wish to be in the ‘elite league’ and live life your own way, go for IIM.

Is CAT easy or UPSC?

CAT is one of the toughest management exam, and so is upsc, it’s difficult to prepare for both of these at the same time, also the syllabus too is quite different from each other, it’s better you choose any one and put your single-minded focus, and dedication, these are highly competitive exams, only when you’re …

What is the minimum salary after doing MBA from IIM?

Placement Record of IIM The salary packages for graduates from top IIMs is far above average, however, the salary packages offered to newer IIMs are around 10-20 lakh INR per annum. There is no estimate of the lowest salary offered, although the lowest salary an IIM graduate can expect would be 6 lakh INR per annum.

Is it wise to leave job for UPSC?

Pros of quitting your job for IAS preparation: You will get more time to focus on your IAS preparation. Your attention will not be diverted to other things on the job. You can join a coaching class for your IAS preparation. Enroll for BYJU’S coaching classes for the best IAS coaching in the country.

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Can I work and study UPSC?

Study Timetable for Working Professionals Prior to Work: General Studies for At Least 2 hours every day. During Work: Brush up on Current Affairs and Newspaper Analysis during breaks from work, aiming to devote about 45 minutes for both. Revision: Revise your day’s UPSC preparation for 20 minutes after dinner.