Can An Ignou Student Apply For Upsc?

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Does UPSC accept Open University?

Yes, students with open degrees from KKHSOU and IGNOU are eligible to apply for UPSC and APSC Civil Service Examinations. The eligibility criteria mentioned by UPSC and APSC Civil Service examinations is that aspirants should have completed their degree from a UGC-recognized university.

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Is there any IAS from Open University?

Yes you can, IGNOU Degree is accepted by UPSC. The Indira Gandhi National Open University or IGNOU today has 18 lakh students. there are so many IAS officers who completed their graduation/PG from IGNOU.

Is IGNOU notes good for UPSC?

IGNOU notes has been developed for the likeminded students to help them and achieve their goals. It’s like on panacea for IAS candidates. Almost every year UPSC asked questions from this unique notes. It can be extremely useful in IAS optional subjects like (History, Sociology and etc.)

Can I give UPSC with distance education?

It is not difficult to complete your graduation and earn a degree even after taking a break in your education. You can complete your degree through distance education and fulfil your dream to become an IAS officer. A distance education degree is valid and acceptable for the UPSC exam.

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Can I apply UPSC without degree?

No, its not possible. you should have Bachelors’ degree to apply for UPSC exam.

How many IAS are there in IGNOU?

Two IGNOU graduates have cleared this year’s civil services, and are set to become IAS officers. The Indira Gandhi National Open University or IGNOU today has 18 lakh students.

What are the disadvantages of IGNOU?

Cons of Graduation from IGNOU No Practical Knowledge: To learn and understand something, practical work is the most important thing. But IGNOU students lack practical knowledge. It is hard to develop practical skills through distance learning. Poor Networking: In distance education, you are studying from your home.

Is IGNOU valid for IAS?

Is an IGNOU degree valid for the UPSC? Yes it is Valid for Any government job as the University is recognized by UGC and it is a National University..

Do students fail in IGNOU exam?

If the candidate failed to get minimum marks in IGNOU Assignment then they need to submit the particular assignment again to IGNOU. If you want to pass out in the theory or practical papers of Master Degree Programme then you must have a minimum 40 marks out of 100 marks to get quality.

Is IGNOU degree respected?

The degree from IGNOU University is valid and acceptable in overseas and foreign countries with ease. The robust reason behind IGNOU is a recognized university under UGC and is governmental too. Adding further, the degree from this university is approved by DEC and AICTE as well.