Can An Aiims Dr Crack Upsc?

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Can aiims doctor become IAS?

Here are five doctors turned IAS officers. Shena Aggarwal, the topper of the 2011 UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE), is a popular doctor-turned-IAS officer. Before bagging AIR-1 in CSE-2011, she had completed her MBBS from AIIMS, New Delhi in 2009 and also secured AIR-305 in CSE-2010.

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Can a MBBS doctor appear UPSC exam?

You can complete your medical course then you can give one year break for preparation of UPSC examination. There are prelims and mains examination occur. After clearing those examination you can give interview. If you are pass this interview then you become join the training center for 2years and become a IAS officer.

Can a MBBS doctor become IAS officer?

A number of MBBS graduates, every year appear for the UPSC exams in order to crack the exam and become civil servants.

Has any doctor become IAS?

Priyanka Shukla had just finished her MBBS from King George Medical College in Lucknow in 2006 when she decided that she wants to become an IAS officer.

Is IAS higher than doctor?

On the other hand an IAS officer is ‘A’ grade job in India ,you can say at the top of government jobs , in doctors profession you can expect some things like high salary and reputation but an IAS officer’s job is very much more than these little things ,after IAS exams eligible candidates are appointed as SDM, revenue …

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Which is best UPSC or MBBS?

It depends on your interest. IAS will give you the prestige and a chance to serve billions of Indians. MBBS will give you the chance to heal one’s life. It depends on your interest.

Is IAS a good option after MBBS?

Choosing to prepare for IAS exams after MBBS can be a good decision if you feel that your marks in MBBS would be compromised because of preparing for both simultaneously. Focusing on your degree is a better choice as compared to preparing for both together and feeling pressurized to perform well in both.

Can I work both as IAS and doctor?

Hi aspirant, Yes, if you have a valid medical degree and a good experience, then you can treat a patient even if you are an IAS officer.

Is UPSC after MBBS good?

See many MBBS professionals are working as IAS officers. The main advantage in this are as an IAS you will be more sensitive to the Hospital Facilties, you will be able to judge about the disputes that may occur in Hospital structures more than any other field graduates.

Can I give UPSC in 4th year of MBBS?

Hello there! MBBS is an undergraduate course consisting of 4.5 years of course study and one year of compulsory internship, making it a 5.5 years long course. As far as IAS exam i.e UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) is concerned, the eligible candidates must have completed their graduation.