Can A Sol Student Apply For Upsc?

Is Distance degree valid for UPSC?

Individuals who graduated from one of the distance education programs offered by the various universities accredited in Europe are eligible to take civil services exams.

Can a pass course students apply for UPSC?

If a candidate was unable to secure a graduation degree or professional degree in time, they may be eligible for the UPSC civil services exam under NDA. In this case, the exam is designed to be equivalent to a college level diploma.

Which students are eligible for UPSC?

The UPSC recruitment process is founded on meritocracy and aims to create a pool of talented individuals who have the necessary skills to serve in their chosen profession. The written exam is based on three different categories: General Categories, EWS (Education Qualification for IAS exam), and Special Category. Each separate category has different tests, age limits, and available attempts for each individual applicant.

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Who cleared UPSC with distance education?

22-year-old Karthik Gurunathan Iyer, who bagged the 7th rank in the Civil Service exam, says that a Master’s degree in Political Science from IGNOU was of immense help in realising his dreams.

Which degree is not eligible for UPSC exam?

The candidate must have at least a bachelor’s degree from a recognised university to take the UPSC exam. Even those candidates who have written the final year exams of the qualifying exam (bachelor’s degree) and are awaiting results can apply.

Is single sitting degree valid for IAS?

Whether you are eligible to take the exam in your own country or not, it is always good to be prepared. That’s why this exam is taken every year for recruitment.

Can a weak student clear UPSC?

If you’re still wondering whether an average student can crack IAS, we have some success stories from aspirants who were ‘average’ and yet cleared the exam. These success stories prove that even if you are on the lower end of the spectrum, you should be able to crack IAS.

Can a 20 year old give IAS Exam?

The age limit to appear for IAS Exam is 21 years old. This means that the candidate must be 21 years old on August 1st of the given year when the exam is held. For example, if a candidate wants to take Preliminary IAS Exam in 2022, he/she should reach that age by Aug 1, 2022.

Which medium is best for UPSC?

If your regional language is not the native language of the UPSC exam but you have knowledge in it, you can take advantage of the regional language option. Many talented individuals in India are skilled at written English when they’re speaking, which many times gets lost.

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Can I become IAS after 35 years?

The minimum age to appear for the UPSC Civil Services Exam is 21 years. The upper age limit for General category candidates is 32 years, while OBC candidates need to be 35 years old before they can apply, and SC/ST applicants have to be 37 years old.

Who is the youngest IAS officer in India?

Ansar Shaikh shares his experience with UPSC Success Story.

Can I give UPSC at age 27?

The age to take this exam is calculated using the year in which the exam is taking place. So, for folks who plan to sit for the 2022 civil services exam, they should be 21 years old as of 1st August of 2022. Age even increases by a year every time you take the test. So, those who are more than 32 years old cannot enter into this exam.

Can IAS officer do distance education?

Many people choose to pursue their degree through an online learning program. Though this is a viable option, there are several considerations that need to be made before applying for the qualifications. First of all, you must decide whether or not you wish to contact your employer about it.

Is there any IAS from Open university?

Yes, there are many. I (Gandham Chandrudu) graduated from IGNOU in 2010 as well and got into a job at the Railways as a ticket collector after graduating from high school. After completing my degree from IGNOU, I became an IAS officer in 2016 and became a home cadre too.

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Which degree is easy for UPSC?

Those with an engineering degree and background are now also able to take the Indian Civil Service exam through the AIIMS.