Can A Science Background Take Pscholgy Subject For Upsc?

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Can I take psychology as UPSC optional subject?

The UPSC allows Psychology as an optional subject in the list of optional subjects containing 48 subjects in total. The Psychology syllabus for IAS Exam tests the candidates’ ability to understand the subject as a science and apply the knowledge to problems faced by the people.

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Who should take psychology optional in UPSC?

UPSC Psychology is available as an optional subject on the UPSC’s list of optional subjects, which includes a total of 48 disciplines. Candidates who have already pursued Psychology in their graduation or have the ability to understand the subject, are advised to choose this subject as IAS (UPSC CSE) Optional Subject.

Which optional subject is best for UPSC for science students?

Animal husbandry and Veterinary Science. Anthropology. Botany. Civil Engineering. Chemistry. Medical Science. Physics. Zoology.

Is psychology tough for UPSC?

The tricky thing about psychology is that it is considered to be a natural science, a social science and also a life science subject. This makes the study and writing answers for UPSC, a somewhat dicey affair.

Which is the shortest subject for optional in UPSC?

Philosophy has the shortest syllabus out of all of the optional subjects for the UPSC examination and is the reason for it is a popular choice amongst UPSC aspirants.

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Which stream is best for psychologists?

Candidates from all streams i.e. Arts, Science or Commerce are eligible for admission to Psychology courses.

Which optional is better sociology or psychology?

If you want to learn more about social structures and human society at the macro-level, sociology will be worth exploring. If you’re more interested in learning about individual human behavior within those macro-level social structures, then psychology might be more appropriate for your intellectual curiosity.

How to prepare for UPSC psychology?

What Covers in Psychology? Take Motivational Tonic. Check Out Your Syllabus. Select Best Books For Reference. Make a Proper Study Plan. List out the Important Topics. Analyze Yourself Taking Mock Test.

Is UPSC easy for science students?

This paper tests, among other things, numerical ability, logical reasoning and data interpretation – domains which are traditionally considered relatively easy for science graduates. So, can a science student do IAS? The answer is a resounding YES!

Which is the easiest optional?

Answer: Sociology, Geography, and Public Administration are easy subjects to score. Many candidates have scored more than 400 marks in these optional subjects as per the previous year’s result.