Can A Bds Student Apply For Upsc?

When can a BDS student apply for UPSC?

The minimal eligibility requirement to apply for this exam is graduation. Graduate students in their last year may also apply for this test. As a result, you are qualified to apply for the UPSC Civil Services test if you have successfully completed your graduate degree program in any discipline from a recognized university.

Can a dentist become IAS officer?

IFS Dr. Apala Mishra is an example of an IAS (UPSC) doctor who passed the civil services examination. Meet Dr. Apala Mishra. She started out as a dentist but soon realised she needed to do more for the community. She was now eligible to take the Civil Services examination.

Can a BDS graduate give UPSC?

You can take the UPSC exam while you’re in in your fifth year at BLS LLB school or after you graduate.

Is BDS an optional subject for UPSC?

Graduation in any stream is a requirement for taking the UPSC exam. So, a dental graduate is qualified to take the UPSC exam. They have a little disadvantage because none of the dental-related disciplines are on the curriculum. However, that does not imply that they fail.

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Can BDS be medical officers?

A BDS to MBBS Bridge programme, which has a unique approach, enables Dental Science graduates to work as general physicians in numerous hospitals, clinics, and organisations throughout India. Graduates must spend a minimum of three years in rural regions after successfully completing this degree.

Can BDS doctor become medical officer?

Ques. Can BDS physicians hold medical officer positions? Ans. There is a bridge programme between the BDS and MBBS programmes, and public colleges are starting to provide it.

Is teeth checked in UPSC?

The teeth of candidates should be “in good order.” The candidate’s heart and lungs should be healthy. Ideally, there would be no stomach illnesses. The hands, feet, and other limbs are all well-formed, and joint motions shouldn’t be restricted.

Are braces allowed in IAS?

Braces are not prohibited for UPSC exams.

Do tattoos are allowed in IAS?

IAS and civil service candidates can unquestionably get tattoos on any part of their bodies except from the face, forearm, finger, and other areas that are frequently seen. You will be subject to central civil services regulations as soon as you join the civil service.

Which degree is best for UPSC?

The finest degree for UPSC, according to Mr. Sumanth Makam, the creator of one of the top UPSC coaching facilities in Bangalore, is a Bachelor of Arts degree at the Hons level, which is what most applicants choose to pursue in order to pass the UPSC exams.

Can BDS become surgeon?

Yes, you can by superspecializing in aesthetic surgery after completing your postgraduate studies in oral surgery.

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Can a BDS student join army?

Commission for Short Service (a) Qualifications: I BDS/MDS Candidates with at least a 55% final BDS grade in the candidate’s graduating class from a school approved by the Dental Council of India.

Does BDS have no scope in India?

They can take on many profiles and work in hospitals, clinics, and pharmaceutical businesses in the private sector. Additionally, they are able to find employment in the public sector as dental surgeons in hospitals, members of the Army Dental Corps, territorial officers in the Indian Army, dentists working for the railroads, and dental officers in the Indian Navy and Indian Air Force.

Is stethoscope is necessary for BDS?

Are stethoscopes also used by dental/BDS students? Yes, stethoscopes are frequently used by dental students. When learning to take blood pressure readings and later when studying topics in medicine and surgery, dental students need stethoscopes.

In which country Indian BDS is valid?

Indian dentists who pass the ORE equivalence exam are eligible to practise in the UK (conducted by General Dental Council). The test is given in two sections (theory and practical). The entire exam process costs 300,000 INR and takes roughly 18 months.