Are Short Service Commissioned Oficers Eligible For Upsc?

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What is short service commission officer?

Short Service Commission. You also have the option of joining the Army and serving as a Commissioned Officer for 10 years. At the end of this period you have two options. Either elect for a Permanent Commission or opt out. Those not selected for Permanent Commission have the option of a 4 years extension.

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What is the difference between permanent commission and short service commission?

Permanent commission means a career in the armed forces till retirement. Under short service commission, the Army allows 10-year service with an option of a 4-year extension. Under the Agnipath scheme, Agniveer recruits will serve for 4 years.

Which is the lowest service in UPSC?

The IAS trainee or IAS probationer position, which is offered during the training phase, is the lowest position available for IAS officers.

What is short service commission entry?

Short Service Commission (SSC) The engagement period for Flying Branch (Men and Women) SSC Officers is fourteen years from the date of Commissioning. The initial tenure for Ground Duty (Technical & Non-Technical) SSC Officers would be for a period of ten years.

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Does short service commission officers get permanent commission?

Ans. SSC officers are presently inducted under the 10+4 scheme, wherein the officer serves for 10 years and can exercise the option of extending his service by 4 years. PC is granted to SSC officers subject to service requirement and availability of vacancies.

Is short service commission get pension?

Pension to EC/SSC Officers Serving JCOs/Ors including corresponding ranks of the NAVY & AIR FORCE granted EC/SSC will be eligible for retiring pension after 12 years of qualifying service actually rendered.

What are the benefits of short service commission?

Lifelong Pension. Transportation Allowances. Dearness Allowances. Housing Allowances. Kit Maintenance Allowances. Field Area Allowances. Parachute Pay. High Altitude Allowances.

What is the salary of short service commission in India?

The Indian Navy SSC Officer salary structure shall be provided salary on the basis of a pay scale of INR 56100-177500. They shall also be provided additional allowances and perks.

Does short service commission get ex servicemen quota?

In case none of the vacancies falls on point reserved for the SCs, the ex-serviceman belonging to SC shall be adjusted in future against the next available vacancy reserved for SCs. Since the ex-servicemen have to be placed in the appropriate category viz.

Who is unfit for UPSC?

Diseases like hernia, varicose veins, hydrocele, haemorrhoids, etc. are declared temporarily unfit and should be declared fit after successful surgery. Candidates with malignancies at the time of entry to service are declared unfit. Candidates with transplanted organs are declared unfit.