Are Nios Books Good For Upsc?

Which NIOS books are important for UPSC?

Download Makkhan Lal’s Ancient Indian History. Romila Thapar’s Ancient Indian History can be downloaded. Download Old NCERT for Medieval Indian History. Download the Old NCERT for Modern Indian History. By Nitin Sangwan, Modern Indian History

How is NIOS material good for UPSC?

NIOS Study Guide for the UPSC and IAS Exams These publications are beneficial for beginning in the civil services since they give the aspirant clear language and appealing graphics. Any idea from the NCERT and NIOS books is simple to understand.

Does NIOS follow NCERT?

This is due to the fact that NCERT, the National Council of Educational Research and Training, has established a uniform curriculum framework that is utilised by all Boards of Education. The curriculum is created by NIOS using self-study resources and knowledgeable instructors from numerous reputable academic and vocational education institutions.

Which is best NCERT or NIOS?

It’s important to realise that both sources are reliable and will serve your purposes. However, the older NCERT materials are typically richer in content and explanation but less visually pleasing. On the other hand, the New NCERT books have been given a bright and appealing makeover.

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Is NCERT and NIOS books same?

You can study NCERT, of course. It will aid in your conceptual understanding. To acquire good scores in the NIOS exam, however, you need adhere to the exercises in the NIOS books and the sample questions from prior years. I’ll advise you to get both the NIOS and NCERT books and to prepare using both of them.

Is NIOS syllabus same as NCERT?

The Indian government’s Ministry of Human Resource and Development established and founded the NIOS board (National Institute of Open Schooling), which is a central board. In senior secondary, there are six required subjects that all students must take. The curriculum is comparable to CBSE.

Is NIOS environment good for UPSC?

For the UPSC Exam and certain other Indian exams, NIOS is a crucial resource.

Which school board is best for UPSC?

Additionally, it increases the likelihood that CBSE students will pass their exams on their first try. For both aspiring students and the UPSC itself, NCERT books are regarded as the most authentic source for learning topics for the UPSC examination. NCERT books were originally written by professionals and officials working for India’s government.

Do NIOS has value?

Yes, all higher education programmes in India accept the NIOS board certificate. The Indian government’s HRD department acknowledges the NIOS board. Any other recognised board’s certificate has the same value as a certificate from NIOS.

What are the disadvantages of NIOS?

DISADVANTAGES OF THE NIOS BOARD: The main drawback of this board is that pupils are unable to get immediate answers to their questions. They must wait till they arrive at their weekly classes or receive information from other sources. It lessens communication between professors and pupils.

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Which is the easiest subject in NIOS?

English. the entry of data. DIY science. study in business. psychology. Painting.

Is NIOS syllabus hard?

No, passing the NIOS exams is quite difficult. In comparison to the CBSE examinations, the NIOS exams are harder. To perform well on the NIOS, one must work diligently, logically, stoically, and patiently. In actuality, getting good marks on the NIOS depends on your study habits, your luck, and the examiner who checks your answer sheets.

Is NIOS difficult to pass?

Exams for the National Institute of Open and Distance Education (Nios) are similar to exams for other schools in that they can be passed easily with proper preparation and a little luck, as authorities use qualified teachers to review papers, but results from the past few years show that passing rates are generally very high.

Why do students choose NIOS?

It is accepted for all levels of government employment as well as any type of higher study in India. Students are free to select the courses and programmes they want to study while also being allowed to move at their own pace thanks to NIOS.

Does NIOS give good marks?

For truly exceptional students and learners, NIOS awards 80 percent and above. The NIOS Board has a very rigid system for correcting errors. Subjects like home science, data entry, chemistry, physics, and others that contain practical exams will fare better than those that only require theory exams.