Are Ncert Books Enough For Upsc?

Can I clear UPSC with only NCERT?

Building a solid foundation for UPSC preparation begins with NCERT study. Despite the fact that studying simply NCERTs is insufficient and other standard references are equally important, starting your preparation with the NCERT books will give you a solid foundation from which to expand with other books and references.

Does NCERT books help UPSC?

NCERT books are the finest books to start your preparation for the UPSC Civil Services Exam, as we’ve highlighted numerous times. Because they are textbooks for schoolchildren, NCERTs are written in a very straightforward and clear way. These textbooks are really simple to understand, which helps you understand the principles faster.

Is it worth reading NCERT for UPSC?

The NCERT books are regarded as the foundational reading materials for the Civil Services Examination. It provides us with a crystal clear intellectual clarity and covers all pertinent themes. It ensures that after careful consideration, candidates are no longer novices.

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How many days will it take to complete NCERT for UPSC?

How long does it take to read through all of the NCERT books? It would take you around three days to finish one book, which has about 14–16 chapters, and you would need to read roughly 40–44 novels in total. To read all the novels, it would therefore take you roughly 2.5 to 3 months.

Can I crack UPSC in 2 years without coaching?

In fact, passing the IAS exam without coaching is possible. Perhaps not “everyone,” though. It depends on how well he or she studies independently. Without any classroom instruction, you can pass the UPSC CSE if you are proficient in independent study.

Can UPSC NCERT be skipped?

However, it is preferable to start with Indian Polity NCERT books for UPSC due to the weightage and ease of the syllabus. Try to comprehend the fundamental ideas in your first reading so that you can add your own comments in your second reading. You can avoid taking notes when reading NCERT textbooks for the UPSC.

Which hobby is best for UPSC?

Travelling. Traveling mostly allows you to escape from your routine daily existence. watching films One might ask how watching movies can aid in IAS exam preparation. using the internet. Reading. Blogging. Teaching.

Is NCERT alone enough for UPSC Prelims?

Do NCERT texts suffice for the IAS? For the IAS test, NCERT books are a must. However, candidates should also consult subject-specific texts (such as Laxmikant’s Indian Polity) and keep up with current events.

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Is NCERT enough to crack prelims?

For IAS Prelims preparation, the NCERT books for classes 9 and 10 are also suggested but not required (in case they have enough time).

How many hours should I read a day for UPSC?

One of the most difficult exams in the nation is the UPSC civil services examination. And as a result, many individuals advise studying for roughly 15 hours every day when preparing for the IAS exam.

Is Toppers notes enough for UPSC?

Up to 70% of the UPSC exam can be prepared for with just one reading of ToppersNotes. ToppersNotes has served as a true mantra for success for aspirants because it provides an accurate understanding of every why, what, and how of IAS preparation.

Is studying 7 hours a day enough for UPSC?

Some candidates say they spend 15 to 16 hours every day studying for the UPSC test. Some people only need 6-7 hours of study per day to pass the exam. Candidates must choose the number of hours they spend studying each day based on their requirements and talents because there is no ideal solution to this topic.

Is 1 month enough for UPSC?

To be honest, it’s really difficult to pass the UPSC preliminary exam in a month. However, if one can devote all of their time to the preparations, they can succeed.

How many books are sufficient for UPSC?

Apart from NCERT books, be mentally prepared to spend money on at least 15–20 standard textbooks for various topics. This is because at least 15 subjects/topics are mentioned in both the UPSC CSE Prelims and Mains. To fully cover each topic, you’ll frequently need to read several books.

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Is 4 hours of studying enough for UPSC?

There will likely be gaps because: 1) An aspirant may not be able to focus entirely for the full 5 hours; and 2) An aspirant must study GS, optional, current affairs, etc., every day; thus, dividing the 5 hours may not be effective. Therefore, a candidate should make an effort to dedicate at least 7-8 hours every day, then progressively expand it.