Are 2 Years Enough For Upsc?

Can I become IAS in 2 years?

You must pass the UPSC civil services examination in order to become an IAS officer, and in order to accomplish that, you must have graduated. Therefore, to become an IAS officer after grade 10, you will need to complete at least 5 years of education—2 years for grades 11 and 12, and a minimum of 3 years for graduation.

How can I prepare for UPSC in 2 years?

Memorize the UPSC syllabus. Recognizing patterns, sources, and strategies List Your Optional in brief. First Read NCERT. Read the textbooks first, then practise writing answers. Preparation That Is Optional, General Studies Making notes after a second reading.

Can 2 year students apply for UPSC?

Of course, students in their last year can take the UPSC preliminary exam. However, there are certain restrictions on this: It must be a graduation-level degree from an accredited university in order for the candidates to be qualified for the UPSC civil services test after completing the aforementioned final year exam.

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How many years should I prepare for UPSC?

It will takes a solid year of additional study to cover the whole UPSC prelims and mains syllabus. However, while it would be desirable, it is not always required. Even with less than two months of preparation, a serious aspirant can pass the preliminary exams with the right advice, clever work, and a plan in place.

Is 24 a good age to become IAS?

There is no defined age at which one must begin IAS preparation. However, the majority of IAS candidates begin their exam preparations after graduating, around age 21 or 22. However, many applicants initially attempt to join any other service before beginning their UPSC preparation after turning 26 or 28.

Can a 20 year old give IAS Exam?

The minimum age requirement for the UPSC Civil Services Exam is 21 years old, and the maximum age is 32 years old. EWS & General Category: 32 years; 6 tries. OBC (with certificate): 32 years and 3 additional years; nine tries. 32 years plus five years; unlimited tries for SC/ST.

Is 4 hours enough for UPSC?

Some candidates say they spend 15 to 16 hours every day studying for the UPSC test. Some people only need 6-7 hours of study per day to pass the exam. Candidates must choose the number of hours they spend studying each day based on their requirements and talents because there is no ideal solution to this topic.

Can I crack UPSC in 2 years without coaching?

In fact, passing the IAS exam without coaching is possible. Perhaps not “everyone,” though. It depends on how well he or she studies independently. Without any classroom instruction, you can pass the UPSC CSE if you are proficient in independent study.

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Is 8 hours of studying enough?

It will be more than adequate if you can study for seven or eight hours. The maximum amount of time a human mind can concentrate when studying is ten hours, therefore seven to eight hours is ideal. I advise you to continue being consistent because if you do, you will undoubtedly succeed in life.

Can I qualify UPSC 1 year?

Contrary to popular belief, one year of preparation is sufficient to pass the UPSC IAS exam.

Can I clear UPSC at the age of 27?

The age requirement to take the UPSC Civil Services Exam is 21 years old. However, the majority of candidates begin studying for this exam in their mid-20s. Frequently, candidates must make several attempts before receiving a high rating. Consequently, the average age of chosen candidates in a new batch is currently above 27 years old.

Can a 15 year old give UPSC exam?

Age is determined by UPSC as of the exam year’s first day of August. As a result, as of the first of August 2022, you must be older than 21 to take the 2022 civil services exam.

Is 7 hours of studying enough for UPSC?

One of the most difficult exams in the nation is the UPSC civil services examination. And as a result, many individuals advise studying for roughly 15 hours every day when preparing for the IAS exam.

How long did srushti Deshmukh study for UPSC?

She used to devote the most of her time to reaching her goal of becoming an IAS and only spend one month studying for her semester exam.

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What is the best age to clear UPSC?

The optimal age to begin the IAS journey is 18. This is true since at this age, pupils have finished their high school coursework and entered colleges to pursue their degrees.