Can We Do Upsc With Commerce?

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Can commerce students do UPSC?

Commerce graduates are eligible to appear in the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination and prepare for IAS. You may also opt a specific optional subject by filling in the field given at commencement of the application form.

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Which commerce degree is best for UPSC?

To attempt for UPSC, an aspirant should be a graduate. Commerce graduates can choose Accountancy and Commerce as their optionals. Business Administration subject of B.Com is a parallel study of public administration subject of IAS.

Can I give UPSC after 12 commerce?

You cannot appear for the UPSC exam after completing the 12th. It is because the minimum qualification required to appear for UPSC is graduation from a recognized university. Though you can start your preparation just after giving the 12th board exams, you will not be eligible to appear for the exam.

How can a commerce student apply for UPSC?

Yes a student of any stream can become ias officer as the minimum condition required for attempting ias examination is that you should have completed graduation in any particular course and after that you have to choose a particular course as optional which is of 500 marks .

Is CA tougher than IAS?

Which exam is tough, UPSC or CA? Though both exams propose different challenges, in comparison, the CA exam is said to be quite tough as it requires regular study and recurring exams for 5 years. Whereas UPSC takes study only till one clears the qualifying exam.

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Which stream is best for UPSC?

choosing Arts or the humanities in your 10+2 and graduation can be really helpful for your UPSC examination, this is because in Arts you will be learning subjects like history , polity etc which are a part of the UPSC syllabus so it will help you in your upsc examination.

Which stream is best in commerce?

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) Bachelor of Economics (BE) Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (BAF) Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Insurance (BBI) Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Market (BFM) Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Is commerce good for future?

Commerce is the right choice for you if you want to increase your financial assets with an understanding of stock markets, funds, and shares. Knowledge of commerce can also aid you in the skills needed to manage your finances at any point in time.

Is UPSC very tough?

UPSC is one of the toughest exams in India. Candidates must put their heart and soul into the UPSC preparation to succeed. Lakhs of candidates apply for UPSC Exam every year but less than 1% crack this exam.

Is IAS Exam difficult?

The UPSC examination is considered to be one of the toughest exams in India because of the vast and varied syllabus that it covers. The topics included in the UPSC syllabus are vast and varied, making it difficult for even the most knowledgeable and experienced candidates to prepare for the exam.