Is Aakash Module Enough For Neet?

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Are questions from Aakash modules enough for NEET?

Answer. Yes, it is enough.

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Which modules are best for NEET Aakash or Allen?

Also Aakash’s module is much better then Allen’s. It has a lot of questions, from basic to advanced.

Is Aakash module enough for NEET Quora?

Yes they are Not only sufficient, rather more than sufficient. I can tell you about myself. I fully followed them & they are really very helpful & whatever rank I’ve got it’s because of Aakash Institute only. So let’s start.

Are coaching modules enough for NEET?

Use it for learning and practicing. If you study meticulously and genuinely rely on them, then you can achieve success and be in the top 1000 ranks. And this is valid for both NEET and JEE. For achieving a rank in the top 1000/ 3 Digit Rank, the coaching material is sufficient in itself.