How To Revise For Neet?

How many times should I revise for NEET?

5 to 6 times would be very ideal. And it’s not impossible if the students follow a strict test routine and regularly give tests. Don’t waste your time revising the whole syllabus again and again. Revise the whole syllabus for once and then solve more and more NEET Sample papers.

How can I study NEET by myself?

You may be interested in: NEET Quiz videos. Strictly follow a timetable – formulating a timetable is the first and foremost step when it comes to any exam. Target plan – devise a plan. Get acquainted with NEET – NEET is an objective question-based test. More here: NEET Exam Pattern.

Can I crack NEET in first time?

Yes, it is possible. Taking a look at the trend, the statistics show that 60-70% of the candidates clear NEET with a 600+ score in the first attempt. Generally, the first attempt goes with the Class-12th Board Examination. And NEET covers the syllabus from Class-11 and 12th Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.

Is 2 Months revision enough for NEET preparation?

If you think that you have clear concepts about all three subjects, then only you can score 600 or above in NEET with 2 months’ preparation. Notably, for subjects like Physics, if the basic concept is not clear, you may not be able to solve numerical problems. 3.