Has Anyone Cracked Neet In 1 Month?

Is it possible to crack NEET in 1 month?

You must believe that if you give your 100% effort into working hard to finish the syllabus and solve NEET Previous Year Questions Papers in this one month, you still can crack the NEET UG 2022 exam.

Is anyone cracked NEET in 2 months?

Yes, it is possible that even an average student can clear the NEET exam. But he was able to clear the exam in 2 months. This is a very complicated task. Before clearing the exam, it is necessary to clear all of them it is necessary to have a good strategy.

Did anyone crack NEET in 3 months Quora?

Its very difficult but not impossible, and yes u have to study for a hell lot of time !! Timing Schedule : Daily 12–14 hrs a Day !! Study Method : PCB Daily , Focus on Basics and yes revise and practice, revise & practice !!

How to score 600 in NEET in 1 month?

Know the exam pattern and marks distribution. Know the complete syllabus. Create an effective study plan. Refer to NCERT books. Solve previous year question papers. Take online mock tests. Revise important topics.

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How to score 500 in NEET in 1 month?

Know What You have to Study/Your Syllabus. Smart Study Material. Create a Calendar Timetable for 1 Month. Make Notes while Studying. Revise Over and Over Again.

Can I score 400 in NEET in 1 month?

Yes, it is challenging, but you may clear the neet with 400 marks in less than a month. Make a strategy so that you can obtain a quick overview of the syllabus, and then start studying for the test while keeping track of your time.

Can you score 650 in NEET in one month?

Getting 650 in NEET is hard, but possible if you follow a consistent study plan under the guidance of teachers. Prepare like NEET toppers. Complete every topic and understand all concepts in the NEET syllabus.

Is 50 days enough to crack NEET?

In 50 days, it would be a difficult task to crack NEET, but anything can be possible with your hardwork and determination. You should thoroughly cover your NCERT Books first, as the baby steps towards your NEET preparation.

How is 650+ in NEET in 3 months?

Regular study of 4-5 hours and completing the entire NCERT syllabus. Make precise notes with the help of flow charts, diagrams, and tables. For enhanced retention, creating placards and memory charts can help. Attempt the Mock tests at least twice a week.

Can I score 650 in NEET in 4 months?

If you are starting from scratch then preparing for Neet examination in just 4 months and getting a good score like 550 or 600 marks is quite difficult as syllabus is wide and you have to basically cover the syllabus of both class 11th and 12th for physics chemistry and Biology but yes you can still prepare and crack …