Can We Apply For Iisc After NEET Results?

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How can I get into IISc Bangalore with NEET?

The candidate must have studied Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in +2/12th Standard. In addition, the candidate needs to qualify in one of the national tests – KVPY/ IIT-JEE (Main) or (Advanced)/ NEET-UG.

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Is IISc for medical students?

The Indian Institute of Science is delighted to host a research internship program for MBBS students to facilitate research exposure and help develop future physician scientists in the country.

Can biology student apply for IISc?

IISC requires Math as a subject in intermediate curriculum so if u are a PCMB student then you can apply but not only with PCB . Furthermore, although there is no specific subject offered in the Bachelor of Science (Research) program, You can still take biology as the major subject in the courses.

Can I join IISc after MBBS?

No. IISc does not offer MBBS. But, you can join as a PhD student after MBBS, if you wish. There are PhD students with MBBS background at IISc.

What is the salary of IISc students?

iisc ug placement packages. . The highest salary package offered is 40LPA with an average salary of 10 LPA for the total placed students. top companies such as. IISc Bangalore also provides internship opportunities to the students every year with an average stipend of 45,000 Rs. Hope this helps you.

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What is the salary of IISc scientist?

Scientist salary in IISC ranges between ? 9.9 Lakhs to ? 12.7 Lakhs per year. This is an estimate based on salaries received from employees of IISC.

Can I get into IISc without KVPY JEE and NEET?

Is there any entrance exam for IISc? IISc doesn’t conduct any entrance exam for admission in undergraduate courses, rather it selects students on the basis of JEE and NEET ranks.

Is IISc harder than IIT?

The IISc is ahead of the IITs in terms of teaching quality, laboratories, and student quality. No wonder that entry into them is so much harder than just cracking the JEE. However, it is well suited for research. If you’re thinking numbers and salary packages, you’d better go for the IITs.

Can I get job in ISRO after MBBS?

For the post of Medical officer SC and SD, candidates should have MBBS degree with teo year experience and MBBS with MD or diploma registered with the Medical Council of India. Pharmacist , Lab technician and Nurse are the other job prospects in ISRO .

Is IISc better than Harvard?

It remains the world’s top research university, ahead of Harvard, Princeton University and MIT. IITs in Guwahati (37th) and Roorkee (47th) and new entrant University of Madras (48th) also made it to the elite list of global Top 50 research institutions.