Can I Register For Second Round Of NEET Up Counselling?

Can I participate in 2nd round Counselling?

yes a candidate can participate in second round of ALL INDIA counselling even if he/she has not registered in round 1.

How many rounds of Counselling are there in up NEET?

The process of UP NEET UG counselling 2022 will be conducted in a total of three rounds including a mop-up round. During the UP MBBS admission 2022 seat allotment, candidates are required to fill their preference of colleges in which they wish to get into.

Can NEET have two state quota?

So definitely you can apply for both states . But , ideally it shouldn’t be done because due to this some deserving candidates will lose their seats . So , ideally you should apply for that one state where you have greater chance to grab a medical seat and that should be the state of lower cut off . Good luck .

Can I apply for both state and all India Counselling?

Yes you can apply for the same college both through the state quota and all india quota.

Can I add college in second round?

Once you are done with your First Round’s option entry there is no chance for u to add any options for the 2nd round unless a few seats have been added by a college after the 1st round allotment. However, you can change the order of the options that you have entered before the 2nd round allotment.

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Can I directly participate in mop up round?

Candidates automatically eligible and participate in Mop Up round. But they have to fill separate form for this round.

What is a mopup round?

Mop up round is a round or a list basically that comes out after all the rounds are done. It is for filling all the vacant seats that have been left out after the rounds. Sometimes students leave their seats due to some reasons and the seats become vacant.

What happens in mop up round in NEET?

NEET Mop-Up Counselling 2022: Mop-up Rounds are the last rounds of NEET counselling where the seats remaining at the end of all counselling rounds (if any) are allocated to the candidates on the basis of their ranks and NEET scorecards.

What is the mop up round in state Counselling?

The Mop Up round is the process of counselling of seat allotment in medical colleges by states against the reverted seats from All India 15% qouta. This round is only for those candidates which do not get seats in round 1 and round 2. This is not applicable for the candidates who already got seats alloted.

Which state has lowest cutoff in NEET?

The state of Goa has the lowest NEET cut-off.