Can I Pass NEET With JEE Prep?

Can a NEET aspirant clear JEE?

Many students have cleared both JEE and NEET in one chance. You can be one of them provided your concepts are clear and you have a good command over Chemistry and/ Physics. These two subjects are common to both JEE and NEET . So do focus on these more.

Is NEET as tough as JEE?

Yes, NEET is more difficult than JEE Main, because of the limited seats. The number of seats in medical institutes is lower compared to engineering colleges, so even though the difficulty level of the questions in NEET is less than in JEE Main, it is more competitive.

Is JEE Mains easier than NEET?

While NEET is an entrance exam for medical, JEE is the entrance exam for engineering. Thinking broadly to decide which exam is easier, it may be said the JEE is tougher as it is a two-step process to crack the exam.

Can a NEET student crack JEE Advanced?

Students who cracked JEE and NEET both : Bhavik Bansal was AIIMS topper, got AIR 2 in NEET and AIR 470 in JEE Advanced. Stuti Khandwala from Surat cracked NEET with AIR 7, AIIMS with AIR 10 and IIT-JEE Main with 99.91 percentIle.

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Can I score 650 in NEET in 6 months?

Scoring 650 or 685+ in NEET in the last 6 months takes a lot of effort and dedication. Apart from this, a great strategy and taking up regular mocks can truly contribute to your success.

Which is more difficult JEE for NEET?

NEET is the pathway to the medical stream and JEE is for engineering courses. NEET is slightly tougher than JEE Main as seats are comparatively limited in NEET, making it more competitive. Apart from that, the syllabus for the two papers is quite similar to Physics and Chemistry.

Which is best IIT or MBBS?

One can never say that IIT is better, nor that Medical is better. It depends on the person who studies and practices it. The thing is that if you have interest in Medical, you can choose it. If interest is in IIT, choose that.

Which is better IIT or NEET?

The IIT JEE is an entrance exam for engineering students who want to attend top engineering colleges. NEET is a common medical admission exam for medical students. It’s difficult to compare the two exams. According to students who have passed both JEE and NEET, JEE is slightly more difficult on paper than NEET.

How many hours do I need to study for NEET?

Post board exams, one needs to allocate at least 12-15 hours a day for NEET exam preparation. Following are some points around which you can prepare your NEET study planner.

Is Chemistry in NEET harder than JEE?

Talking about the difficulty level then NEET have low level of questions than JEE and so JEE chemistry is tougher than NEET. Although the syllabus for both the examinations are same for chemistry but the toughness of the questions are more and the difficulty level increased in JEE.