Can I Get Sskm With 556 Marks In NEET?

Which state has lowest cutoff in NEET?

The state of Goa has the lowest NEET cut-off.

Can I get Government College with 500 marks in NEET in West Bengal?

Answer. You cannot gain places for the MBBS programme at government medical institutes in India under the All India Quota with 500 out of 720. If you want to be considered for a seat in the general category, you must receive at least 680 out of 720 possible points.

How many students scored above 600 in NEET 2022 in Maharashtra?

The number of candidates scoring 600 and above, however, increased from 19,135 in 2021 to 21,163 in 2022. The club of 500 and above dropped from 85,022 last year to 84,236, marking the second consecutive dip from 87,093 in 2020.

What is the safest score in NEET?

A score of 650+ can get you a seat at Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMC) Delhi. A score of 635+ can get you a seat in any medical college in Delhi. 610+ score can get you a seat in top colleges, like IMS, BHU, Seth GS, and GMC Chandigarh.

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Can I get MBBS with 40 marks in NEET?

NEET Percentile Based on Marks For the general or unreserved category of students, the cut-off percentile is 50 which means that you need to score approximately 360 or above in order to get admission to MBBS in a government college.

Can I get medical college with 560 marks?

You do have chances of getting MBBS seats. 560 is a very good score to secure a seat a good government college. Sure you’ll have plenty of choices to go for all you have to do is apply for those, according to your preference. Hope this helps!

Can I get government medical college with 520 marks?

Looking at the previous year NEET cutoff for OBC category students, YES, you have good chances of getting Government medical colleges through the above NEET score. The Marks required for OBC category in NEET for Government medical Colleges for OBC Category is around 450-500+ marks.

Is 500 a good score in NEET for OBC 2022?

A 500 score in the NEET 2022 exam is considered to be a good score.

Is 565 a good score in NEET 2022?

Aspirants should aim to secure 600+ marks in NEET 2022, only then they will be able to secure admission in the premier govt. medical colleges.

Is 520 a good score in NEET 2022?

With marks between 520 to 530 Marks in NEET (UG) 2022, you have chances to get MBBS Seat through Karnataka State (85%) Counselling.