Can I Get 600 In NEET In 2 Months?

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Is it possible to crack NEET in 2 months?

Cracking exam of national importance within two months , seems to be impossible but if you analyse yourself about what you have done and what you have to , then it becomes achievable one. Last to months are most crucial time to believe and work that you will crack it , whether Anyone has done it or not .

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Can you score 600 in 3 months?

Yes, you can definitely score 600+ in a span of 3 months with the correct plan and strategy for preparation. Ideally, joining a crash course is helpful in scoring a higher rank for the NEET as it prepares you efficiently in a short period.

Can I score 400 in NEET in 2 months?

Yes, it is difficult, but you may pass the NEET with a score of 400 in less than two months. Make a plan to get a fast review of the curriculum before beginning to study for the test while keeping track of your time.

Can I score 550 in NEET in 2 months?

Answer. It is possible but you will hard work ,study materials.

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Can I score 650 in NEET in 1 months?

You can score 650+ marks in NEET if you study smartly and remain focused in the remaining months.

Can I score 720 in NEET in 1 month?

It is possible but not achievable… One can get maximum 690-695 marks…. Actually 180 MARKS can be obtained from physics and chemistry both and has been achieved in past But in biology, one can get max. of about 80-85 correct Because it is very vast and out of syllabus questions are also oftenly asked…

Is it hard to score 600 in NEET?

4 marks are awarded for each correct answer. A total of 180 questions are asked for 720 marks. In order to score above 600, one must get at least 150 questions correct. Hence, to begin with, aim at getting 150 questions correct.

Can I get 200 marks in NEET in 2 months?

Then, yes you can score 200+ in 10 days. – Study regularly at fixed time. – Take short intervals while studying. This will help in capturing the topic more easily and you will be able to remember at a long term.

How much can be scored in NEET in 20 days?

If in these last 20-25 days, you stand determined to study for at least 17-18 hours and follow the strategies carefully, you can easily take a jump up to 600 marks in the NEET 2020 exam.

Can I clear NEET in 6 months from zero level?

Yes. It’s possible to prepare for NEET in 6 months. Provided you have a good study plan and enough study resources.