Can I Crack NEET In 3 Years Quora?

Can I crack NEET in 3 years?

Yes, it is definitely possible, but the foremost thing is to understand the format of the NEET exam.

Is there anyone who cracked NEET in 1 year Quora?

Yes, NEET can be cracked in 1 year. If you study properly for atleast 6 to 8 hours everyday at home. And most important,Focus equally on theory and question practice.

Can we crack NEET by taking long term?

Chemistry and Physics can give chills too, jeopardizing success at NEET. So, it is essential for some students to go for NEET long to make their dream come true. There are lot of coaching institutes that offer Best Long term programs to crack NEET. Here is list some of the benefits of taking NEET long term.

Is 40 days enough to crack NEET?

NEET UG exams consist of questions from syllabus of Class 11th and Class 12th. Syllabus of the exam is vast and it is practically not possible to complete the whole syllabus in detail within 45 days. However, working smartly can help you to score a good rank in the exam and get seat in any decent medical college.