Can Bio Additional Give NEET Exam?

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Can two options be correct in NEET?

Four marks are granted for each correct answer given by the candidate. NEET 2022 has a negative marking scheme, and 1 mark will be deducted for every incorrect response. In case a candidate has checked two options for a question in the OMR sheet, the answer will be considered incorrect, and 1 mark will be deducted.

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What is meaning of Biology as additional subject?

Kindly remind that additional Biology means not the optional subject mentioned in ur registration card. It’s mean that who complete their 10+2 biology course after completion of their 12th board final exam which is not applicable for u.So, don’t panic and fill up ur form.god bless.

How many types of Biology are there in NEET?

The Biology section in the NEET question paper comprises two subjects, Botany and Zoology.

Can I give NEET again if I fail?

yes of course you can give neet exam attempt next year if you fail this year. please go through the following link for more details regarding neet attempts.

What toppers do differently NEET?

NEET toppers generally stick to a study schedule with an average of 6 hours self-study every day (other than coaching). NEET toppers study as much as their mind and body allows. Whenever they study, they do it with full concentration. Neither they waste time, nor they overdo their studies.

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Can I give NEET 2023 with biology as additional subject?

Yes you are eligible for NEET 2023.

What is the benefit of additional subject?

The CBSE additional subject rule provides candidates with an opportunity to improve their overall percentage, in case, a candidate fails to secure good marks in the fifth subject……

Can we take bio in extra subject?

Additional subject is the subject which a students opts after selecting the major 5 subjects. Yes Biology can be taken as an additional subject but please remember that additional Biology means not the optional subject mentioned in the form during registration .

Can I give NEET without biology?

As per eligibility criteria for NEET 2023, aspirants must pass Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English individually in their Class 12 board examination or an equivalent examination.

Can I give NEET if biology is my optional subject?

Yes, yes you are eligible for NEET 2022 even if you have Biology as an additional /optional subject in your class 12 board examination.