Can 410 Get To Assam Mbbs In NEET?

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Is NEET 410 a good score?

Therefore, a score between 450-500 is considered a good score in NEET. Are my NEET scores good for MBBS admissions? The idea of a good NEET score for MBBS admissions varies every year for different colleges and categories.

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Can I get medical college with 420 marks?

Unfortunately, 420 marks are not enough to get Mbbs seat. However, cutoff changes every year and you may or may not get a search.

Can I get MBBS seat in 400 NEET?

Candidates must note that there are several renowned colleges that grant admission to candidates with 400-500 marks in NEET 2022. Aspirants must apply for these institutes and ensure that they have a better chance of getting seat allocation.

Can I get medical college in 410 marks?

As per you query you are scoring 410 marks in NEET 2022 and you belongs to SC category you have chances to get MBBS seat in private colleges, as we all know NEET 2022 was conducted on 17th July 2022 so your expected all India rank will be in the range of 168039 – 180302.

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Can I get a government college with 410 marks in NEET?

According to experts, the chance of securing a seat in a government college is with students who score more than 450 marks. For top medical colleges in India, NEET rank 5000 is recommended. So, students who are expecting more than 635 marks can expect to get a seat in a top medical college.

Can I get MBBS with 415 marks?

To get an accurate answer you need to state your category. And by your question I assume Maharashtra state quota is applicable to you. So you are eligible for admission to Maharashtra state government colleges under the 85% state quota. The All India Rank AIR for 415 marks in NEET 2021 was 1.8-1.9 lakhs.

Can I get MBBS at 375 marks?

Hence, it all depends on the category the candidates belong to. To take admission to the government college, a good score is 550-600. With the help of 350 score, the candidates can take admission to the following colleges: Private MBBS/ BDS Colleges.

Can I get govt college with 420 marks in NEET?

You have scored really good but for 420 marks you will not get any government seat since MBBS cut off for All India Quota usually goes above 500 or 550. According to the State Counselling (through 85% state quota), in order to be eligible for a government seat one must score 450+.

Can I get MBBS with 400 marks SC category?

And in most states, with 400+ you can get a government medical seat. Now, via 15 percent All India Quota for SC Category, 440+ marks would be a safe score for getting admission in a government medical college.

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Is 400 a good score in NEET 2022?

Is 400 a Safe Score in NEET 2022? A score of 400 in NEET 2022 is considered to be average but with this marks candidates will be able to get admission into governenment colleges under All India Quota (AIQ). Moreover, the candidates can also get admission through Open Seat Quota.