Are Phy NEET Question Similar From Mtg Fingertips?

Is MTG fingertips enough for physics?

The best features of MTG’s Objective NCERT at your Fingertips (Hindi) are – • The book series is available for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, and it offers a 360-degree coverage of NCERT concepts through its many features. The NCERT concepts are covered concisely in the Hindi language through HD pages.

Is solving MTG enough for NEET physics?

This is a very important question according to the requirement of the preperation . Definately, Mtg is a very nice book but i can say that apart from the NCERT and The study material from your coaching for chemistry mtg can be sufficient but for physics you can go for DC Pandey instead of it as it is a better option .

Is NCERT at your fingertips enough for NEET physics?

NEET is based on the NCERT syllabus. Just reading that books only may not be sufficient. It depends on how you apply the concepts to the questions asked in the exam. So, go through the pervious year questions, give mocks and read other books.

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Is MTG fingertips Physics enough for NEET Quora?

Yes definitely, MTG NCERT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS is definitely a good book for NEET Physics preparation.

Which MCQ book is best for NEET Physics?

NCERT Physics Class XI & Class XII. Concepts of Physics by H. C. Verma. DC Pandey Physics for NEET. Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick and Walker. Fundamental Physics by Pradeep. Problems in General Physics by IE Irodov.

How do you get A+ in Physics exam?

Make good notes. Understand your formulae. Practice using your formulae. Look for “reasonable” numbers. Start EEI’s early. Do your research before you test. Make a formula sheet, then ignore it. 7.5.

Which is better DC Pandey or MTG?

DC Pandey is the best for NEET. MTG Can be used for revising concepts. Also you can consider other books like S.

Which PYQ book is best for NEET arihant or MTG?

Which is the best PYQ book for NEET? MTG and Disha experts are the best PYQ books for NEET having previous year solved question papers with NEET chapterwise and topicwise solutions.

Which NEET chapter is easiest in Physics?

I have answered earlier that the most easiest chapter in physics is thermodynamics which cover 5-6 question of physics in neet ug. And thermodynamics is fully formula based chapter. Another easy chapter is modern physics and wave optics which is also formula based chapter.

Which is better DC Pandey or NCERT at your fingertips?

Greetings! Although both the books are good but when we compare the both then dc pandey has an edge over ncert at your finger tips.