Who Got Air 1 In Jee Mains 2022?

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Who is air 1 in jee 2022?

JEE Advanced 2022 Female Topper: Meet AIR 1 Tanishka Kabra from Aakash BYJU’S.

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Who are the toppers of JEE 2022?

Ans: R K Shishir has topped the IIT JEE Advanced 2022 exam with 314/360 marks.

Who is rank 1 in JEE 2022 All India?

RK Shishir from the Bombay zone has bagged the top rank in the IIT entrance exam JEE-Advanced 2022, securing 314 out of 360 marks. Tanishka Kabra from the Delhi zone is the topper among female candidates with 277 marks.

Which IIT does Air 1 gets?

Anumula Jithendar Reddy (AIR-1, 2010) Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay. He had the zeal to study Physics and wanted to research Physics. Thus, he went for his masters in Electrical engineering to ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

Who got air 1 in JEE?

Shishir scored 314 marks out of 360 marks in JEE Advanced. His list of achievements is long.

Who got air 2 in JEE Mains 2022?

JEE Main 2022 Toppers: Sneha Pareek Secures AIR 2; Know Their Success Strategy.

Has any girl got air 1 in JEE Mains?

Now, preparing for the IIT entrance JEE Advanced, the 18-year-old believes that girls can ace any stream if only they believe in themselves. Among 24 students who have got the rank 1 in JEE Main, only two are females.

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Who got air 1 in both JEE Mains and advanced?

17-year-old Nitin Jain was one of the few toppers, who achieved AIR 1 in both IIT JEE and AIEEE.

How much rank is required for IIT?

A JEE Main score of 250 or higher is regarded as good and a JEE Mains score of 85-95 percentile is ideal for getting into NITs and IITs through the exam. Candidates must also be in the top 15,000 to 20,000 ranks to be accepted into the best NITs and IITs.

Who is the topper of Advanced Result 2022?

Watch Out: JEE (Advanced) 2022 Topper | Tanishka Kabra AIR 1 (Female) | JEE Advanced Result 2022.