How To Score 120 Marks In Jee Mains?

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What will be the percentile for 120 marks in JEE Mains?

As you want to know about the percentile you will get after getting the score of 120 in JEE mains. On a medium difficulty paper, a percentile of 97 to 98 can be expected with a score of 120 out of 300 in JEE Main.

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Is 120 enough for JEE Mains?

A JEE Main score of 250 or higher is regarded as good and a JEE Mains score of 85-95 percentile is ideal for getting into NITs and IITs through the exam. Candidates must also be in the top 15,000 to 20,000 ranks to be accepted into the best NITs and IITs.

Is scoring in JEE Mains easy?

It is difficult to score 180+ marks in JEE but it is not impossible. If you are preparing JEE Main for 2 years then it is very good and if not, then I am going to tell you some basic guidelines. You can follow those guidelines and can score good in JEE Main. First of all, we will learn a few things about subject wise.

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Can I get into NIT with 120 marks?

As you have scored 120 marks in jee mains, you can get seat in NIT (according to previous year cutoff).

Is it easy to score 150 in JEE Mains?

150-200 marks is considered good in JEE Main. As per previous years JEE Main cut-offs and rank analysis, the score between 150-200 will likely get you admission in top NITs. You will also get qualified for JEE Advanced and IITs. Scoring 150 or 200 marks is not difficult in JEE Main.

Which IIT can I get with 120 marks?

With 120 marks you will get a good IIT(kanpur,guwahati,patna)and as you are from OBC category chances are more of getting a seat in the said colleges.As for rank go under predictors in career360 app and click on rank predictor.

What happens if I score 130 in JEE Mains?

Your predicted percentile at 130 marks in JEE mains will be around 96.05 – 96.25. You can use our college predictor tool to get the idea about the colleges you can get with this percentile:

Can I get into NIT with 140 marks?

Students scoring 130 to 150 marks can get admission in core branches of the above-mentioned NITs and also in NITs of Andhra Pradesh, Srinagar, Uttarakhand, Puducherry, Manipur, Sikkim, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland, etc.

Is it easy to score 90th percentile jee?

Regarding the average score, 90 marks in the JEE Mains percentile is not very difficult to achieve. You must correctly answer 7-8 questions in each section out of 25. This task is not challenging for students who prepare well for the exam and focus on the essence of the questions.

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How much percentile will I get if I score 100 marks in JEE Mains?

Ans: If you scored a hundred marks in the JEE Mains exam, your percentile might be between 94.5 and 95.5. Remember that we have provided this data according to the previous trends. Your ranking will be between 47,000 to 58,000.